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A bird's-eye view of spring from across Canada! #HelloSpringCBC

From western meadowlarks to northern flickers, Canadians have shared snaps of birds in their part of the country, and they are so beautiful!

Canadians have shared snaps of birds in their part of the country, and they are so beautiful!

(Martin Godwyn, Lydia Januskova, Colin Franks)

The sights and sounds of spring are upon us — and by sounds we mean that the sweet songs of the birds have returned! What would springtime be without the colours, sounds and company of our favourite winged creatures?

Spring has flooded the country with the appearance of miraculous birds. From songbirds to yellow-headed blackbirds gracing our skies, we asked Canadians what spring looked like where they live, and here's what they showed us!

This great grey owl looks regal atop a pine tree in Yellowknife, N.W.T. — what an amazing shot! 

Take a look at this beautiful close-up of an Anna's hummingbird in Vancouver! 

Even if there's still ice in your part of the country, it seems like Canada geese don't mind it too much. 

We've got a pretty rare visitor here: a yellow-headed blackbird in Victoria, B.C.! 

Here you can see a western meadowlark and western bluebird — just take a look at that beautiful colour. 

This bald eagle is keeping a sharp eye on things here in Lakeside Beach, P.E.I..

Take a look at this beautiful sitting crossbill in Alberta. That dreamy, pinkish background perfectly accentuates this beautiful little creature! 

What's better than one crossbill? How about a pair of crossbills! 

Not bad for a first-time capture. Hello, northern flicker! 

You already know good things grow in Ontario! (Anyone remember that jingle?) Take a look at these mallard eggs waiting to hatch in Windsor, Ont.! 

(Yvette Price)

This photo is taking duck lips to a whole new level! Take a look at this springtime smooch in Toronto's High Park.

(Lydia Januskova)

In Verdun, Que., on a chilly spring day, Sharon caught a glimpse of a fluffy black-capped chickadee!

Getting up close and personal with this sweet-looking song sparrow here in Noel Shore, N.S.

Ain't no party like a bird feeder party! This photo reminds us of not-so-socially-distanced potlucks in the "before times." 

(Pauline Champion)

Can you guess how many geese are in this photo?!

We love getting a chance to see spring in your part of Canada! Keep showing us what spring looks like where you are, and keep using the hashtag #HelloSpringCBC on Twitter and Instagram

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