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They've hatched! 5 Canada goslings have fled the nest

A live cam captured a close-up look at a Canada goose nest in this Manitoba wetland.

5 of the goslings in this nest hatched and successfully made their way down to the marsh below on May 4!

Canada goslings wake up and get ready to head down to the marsh

6 days ago
Good morning, goslings! These energetic, fluffy babies are ready to head down to the marsh with their parents' help. (Livestream by Ducks Unlimited) 1:29

It was a mass exodus to the marsh! The first egg in this Canada goose nest hatched overnight on May 3, and as of May 4 there were a total of five hatchlings! The nest is located on the green roof of the award-winning Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre, and the site of Ducks Unlimited Canada's national offices in Stonewall, Manitoba. The first goose of 2021 arrived at Oak Hammock Marsh on March 4. As the temperatures warmed, the female you see nesting in the video above spent a lot of time seeking out a good spot to establish a nest. She landed on this one — it gave her a good view of her surroundings to watch for predators, and it's set into clumps of native grasses, which provided shelter and camouflage.

The second week of April, this goose laid eight eggs, which were originally expected to hatch around Mother's Day (May 9) — perfect timing for this mom-to-be! The youngsters decided they wanted out a little earlier and made their way safely to the marsh under the guidance of Mom and Dad on May 4.

After hatching on May 4, these Canada goslings safely made it down to the Oak Hammock Marsh with the guidance of Mom and Dad. (Ducks Unlimited Canada)

Canada goslings are precocious babies. After hatching, they only stick around the nest for a day or two before their parents lead them down, safely, to the marsh below.

Oak Hammock Marsh is one of North America's birding hotspots, especially during the spring and fall bird migration seasons. The 36 square kilometres of wetland is home to approximately 300 bird species.
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