The Great Canadian Baking Show

What we wish we could have seen from each of the bakers

Much like cake, all these bakers have a lot of layers

Much like cake, all these bakers have a lot of layers

We've gotten to know these bakers so well over the last seven weeks, but that only makes us want to see more of their skills. (Geoff George)

Much like Schubert's Symphony No. 8, Season 3 of The Great Canadian Baking Show is both brilliant, but also in some ways incomplete. 

Some bakers only grace the tent for a short time, while others we get the pleasure of spending weeks with, but with every baker, we can't help but wish we'd known them a bit better, to have seen them flex at their most impressive bake, or just to have experienced a little bit more of their wild sides.

We took a minute to think about what we wish we could have seen, or seen more of, from each of this season's bakers. Here's a list.


Frankly, we wish we could have gotten more of everything from Betty, but particularly more of speaking French with Bruno. That accent was so lovely!

Mary Lou

We wish we could have had her stick around for Bread Week. Newfoundland's grandmothers are famous for their bread skills. 


We wish Andrea had been there for Old School Week. Her artistic mind would have run wild on the slab cake challenge.


During the casting process, Jay told us that he learned to make croissants while living in Sweden with his husband. Croissants are impressive and we would have liked to see him showcase that skill.


Petunia! If you have a quarter-century old sourdough starter with a name, find an excuse to shoehorn that into every challenge.

Liam tells us about one of his oldest friends. 0:29


We wish we could have heard more about your old baking blog "I Licked It." Also, we'd like you to start blogging again.


We would have liked to see more piano playing. Chris is a doctor and a pianist. Be still our hearts!


We would have liked to see Jodi make bannock. Watch this video to learn why bannock means so much to Jodi.

Jodi talks about her years long quest to make the perfect bannock, and how her kookum (grandmother) inspired her to start baking. 1:26


We just can't get enough of her cake decorating skills, and even though we got to see some amazing work from her, we know there's so much more. Also, we would have loved to see more of these smooth dance moves. 


We would have liked more of his work in the Asian Riffing Trio. Thankfully, we've found them on Spotify