The Great Canadian Baking Show

What's your baking music?

The bakers of Season 3 share their kitchen soundtracks

The bakers of Season 3 share their kitchen soundtracks

The bakers of Season 3 tell us what they listen to in the kitchen. 0:51

If you want to succeed in the kitchen, or in life, you need to be in the right frame of mind, filled with energy, creativity and general success vibes. (Success vibes. That's a thing, right?)

Anyway, nothing helps get you ready to bake like the right baking tunes. We asked the bakers of The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 3 for their baking soundtrack. Here's what they gave us. 


Sometimes I listen to Katy Perry while I bake because she has great inspirational songs, and it's catchy and you can have a little dance party while you listen to it. Or, I can't remember [the artist] but I listen to Fight Song a lot.

Mary Lou

Leonard Cohen or U2. I love Leonard Cohen. Or did. Still do.

My baking soundtrack is probably a lot of jazz music.


I listen to a lot of things from the '70s and '80s.



Baking music is important. This guy gets it. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)


Today's top hits. Something very upbeat and very energetic that just gets me going and moving and dancing.


When I'm baking I especially enjoy listening to the Final Fantasy soundtracks. They never fail to get me pumped up. 


Classical music. I have a huge thing for Vivaldi, Rights of Spring.


When I'm baking I like to listen to pop music. 


There's a musical about baking called Waitress, and I listen to that soundtrack while I bake. 


Need some baking music? Here's a playlist inspired by our bakers' choices.