Four Great Canadian Baking Show bread recipes to try while you're stuck at home

Get bready, because these recipes are about to blow your mind

Get bready, because these recipes are about to blow your mind

If you've always wanted to make challah, now is the time! (Geoff George)

Baking. Not only is it a source of tasty treats, it can also be therapeutic.

But dough — from the kneading to the proofing — can be intimidating to the work-a-day folk because it takes time, and someone at home to give it some love.

Given that many of you are stuck at home with things on your mind, it seems like the perfect opportunity to breaditate — that is, to calm and focus your mind while making bread. Here are few recipes from The Great Canadian Baking Show for you to try.

Chocolate Spice Povitica

This dessert-y take on a classic Eastern European bread helped Colin win Star Baker during Season 3's Bread Week.

Being stuck indoors with povitica > just being stuck indoors. (Geoff George)

Braided Challah with Apple Butter

This traditional Jewish braided bread was the technical challenge on the first ever Great Canadian Holiday Baking Show. These beauties are a classic comfort food.

The best thing about challah, other than literally everything, is that it lends itself to puns really well. Go ahead and challah at us if you think of one. (Geoff George)

Sesame and Coriander Naan with Tomato Chutney

This quick-bread version of everyone's favourite South Asian flatbread helped Sadiya rise to the occasion during Season 2's Bread Week.

Naan is another bread that's great for puns, but unfortunately, right at the moment we remember naan of them. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)

Montreal Bagels

Is there a more classically Canadian bread that the Montreal bagel? Doesn't biting into one just make you feel like a character in a Mordecai Richler novel. These round slices of Canadiana were the Technical Challenge for Bread Week in Season 1.

The perfect Montreal bagel is baked to a golden colour, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)