The Great Canadian Baking Show

Raufikat Oyawoye: Baker Bio

When Raufikat’s not baking elaborate birthday cakes for the kids, you'll find her reading a book or researching her next bake.
Raufikat Oyawoye, 35, is an IT support engineer from Milton, Ont. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)

Raufikat Oyawoye, 35
Hometown: Milton, Ont.
Occupation: IT support engineer
Instagram: @lanisbakebox

Raufikat is a naturally talented baker whose flavours are inspired by her mother's kitchen back home in Nigeria. She is a proud mother of two who genuinely loves baking creations for her family. Her work in engineering gives her a scientific precision, infused with the flavours and techniques from her home country.