The Great Canadian Baking Show

Meet the Bakers of The Great Canadian Baking Show, Season 5

This season hosts a fresh crop of talented amateur bakers!

This season hosts a fresh crop of talented amateur bakers!

Meet the bakers of Season 5 of The Great Canadian Baking Show! (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)

For Season 5 of The Great Canadian Baking Show, 10 fresh bakers will grace the tent with their presence! Among this season's bakers are a ballet dancer, a former child chess champion, an avid motorcyclist and some Baking Show superfans who have dreamed of baking in the tent for years. 

Aimee DeCruyenaere, 23, is an industrial design student from Ottawa, Ont. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)
 Aimee DeCruyenaere, Ottawa, Ont.

With a background in industrial design, Aimee brings a whimsical yet precise touch to her bakes.

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Alina Fintineanu, 30, is an orthodontic dental hygienist from Toronto, Ont. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)
 Alina Fintineanu, Toronto, Ont.

Alina thinks of herself as a "rogue Tooth Fairy" who pairs her love of baking with an equal passion for dentistry and orthodontics.

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Amanda Muirhead, 45, is a paralegal from Westmoreland, P.E.I. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)
 Amanda Muirhead, Westmoreland, P.E.I.

Amanda started baking as a child so she and her siblings could enjoy treats that didn't fit the family's budget.

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Caron Lau, 26, is an occupational therapist from Richmond, B.C. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)
 Caron Lau, Richmond, B.C.

For Caron, baking is a mix of scientific experimentation and stress relief.

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Dougal Nolan, 31, is a mental health researcher from Dartmouth, N.S. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)
Dougal Nolan, Dartmouth, N.S.

Dougal is a self-professed baking nerd who's known to create epic holiday cookie boxes for loved ones, featuring over 20 varieties!

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Kunal Ranchod, 30, is a choreographer from Montreal, Que. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)
 Kunal Ranchod, Montreal, Que.

Kunal embraced baking from a young age, as it embodies his passion for balanced and technical art.

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Marian Castelino, 41, is a designer from Ottawa, Ont. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)
 Marian Castelino, Ottawa, Ont.

Marian is bursting with the creative talents she honed as a clothing and product designer.

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Stephen Nhan, 30, is a health administrator from Regina, Sask. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)
 Stephen Nhan, Regina, Sask.

As a kid, while his friends watched cartoons, Stephen was glued to cooking shows.

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Steve Levitt, 54, is a small business owner from Aurora, Ont. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)
 Steve Levitt, Aurora, Ont.

Steve took to baking because he decided if he was going to indulge in treats, he wanted them to be the very best possible.

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Vincent Chan, 55, is a graphic designer from Mississauga, Ont. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)
 Vincent Chan, Mississauga, Ont.

Growing up, Vincent would often visit his uncle's Chinese bakery and was mesmerized by the precision of the pastry work.

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The Great Canadian Baking ShoSeason 5 starts Sunday, Oct. 17 at 8 p.m.