The Great Canadian Baking Show

Meet the bakers of The Great Canadian Baking Show, Season 2

10 new bakers will enter the tent for Season 2, but only one will be crowned Canada's best baker!

10 new bakers will enter the tent for Season 2, but only one will be crowned Canada's best baker!

Meet the bakers of Season Two

5 years ago
Duration 1:30
Hundreds of home bakers from across Canada auditioned for the second season of The Great Canadian Baking Show, but only 10 made the cut. Get to know them.

Andrei Godoroja, Vancouver

Software engineer, opera singer, skier, sailor, baker. Is there anything he can't do? 

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Vancouver's Andrei Godoroja is a man of many talents. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)

Ann Marie Whitten, Pickering, Ont.

Although Ann Marie has only been baking for three years, she's sure she can make up for her lack of experience with vigour and enthusiasm. At home, she jumps out of bed at five a.m. on Sunday mornings to start baking up a storm. 

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“I grew up watching my nanny and aunt baking fresh Newfoundland bread and making pies,” says Ann Marie. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)

Devon Stolz, Regina

This self-described "quirky prairie hippie" says granite gravestones and cake have more in common than you might think.

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Years of gravestone carving has given Devon a steady hand and a sharp eye for detail. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)

Megan Stasiewich, Leduc, Alta.

Megan is a maker of intricate, sculptural cakes — and she believes that baking is a fine art. 

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Megan is ready to wow the judges with ambitious cake sculptures. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)

Mengling Chen, Toronto

Mengling is "obsessed" with baking. She spends most of her downtime baking, reading about baking, or looking at other people's baking on social media.

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Mengling taught herself to bake by watching Internet tutorials. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)

Sachin Seth, Halifax

Sachin Seth is a walking contradiction. On one hand, he is an assistant professor and the Director of Group Practice at the Faculty of Dentistry, Dalhousie University. On the other, he has a massive sweet tooth.

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Halifax dentist Sachin is all smiles in the tent. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)

Sadiya Hashmi, Edmonton

This homeschooling mom with an MBA brings together flavours from all over the world. 

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Sadiya's ready for the pressure of the tent — at home, her two sons are serious baking critics, asking tough questions like "did you want this flavour to shine, or did you want [it] to be in the background?" (The Great Canadian Baking Show)

Timothy Fu, Edmonton

This season's youngest baker says this is "the most exciting thing that's happened to me in my life."

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The youngest baker in the tent started baking he was 12. These days, he balances baking with studying biology at the University of Alberta. "I'll have a cake in the oven and my physiology notes on the counter." (The Great Canadian Baking Show)

Tim Chauvin, Brockville, Ont.

This hardware store manager has been baking since he was a kid. These days, he's particularly interested in chocolate. "I always have, like, 50 pounds of chocolate sitting around my house."

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Baking is Tim's main hobby and chocolate is his favourite ingredient. Expect him to pull out all the chocolatey stops in the tent. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)

Wendy McIsaac, Cornwall, P.E.I.

This Cape Breton native describes herself as a "poetry maker, booty shaker, and midnight baker."

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Wendy's personal motto is 'Peace, Love, Bake.' Growing up as the youngest of seven children in Cape Breton, she learned that magic could be made with flour, butter, sugar and love. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)