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How to win someone's heart with baking this Valentine's Day

The bakers of The Great Canadian Baking Show share their best tips for finding love, with a little help from cake, pie or bread

The bakers of The Great Canadian Baking Show share their best tips for finding love

What would you bake to win someone's heart?

Great Canadian Baking Show

2 months ago
The bakers of The Great Canadian Baking Show share how they show their love. 2:03

Is there a better way to win someone's heart than baking something from scratch? 

We don't think so — and neither do the Season 4 bakers on The Great Canadian Baking Show.

We asked this year's competitors what they like to bake when they're in the mood for love. Here are a few freshly-baked ideas to help whisk your lover off their feet! 

A slice of pie for the apple of your eye 

A slide of classic apple pie is like a nice, warm hug. (Getty Images / iStock photo)

"There's something that's so homey about a pie. It's very inviting!" says Tanner.

What says I love you better than a delicious, gooey slice of pie? Is apple your lover's favourite, or is it cherry, perhaps? 

Self-proclaimed pie lady Maggie says her whole family loves a good pie. Whether it's chocolate pecan pie, chocolate caramel pie or a classic apple pie, they'll eat it up. 

Will fresh bread make me seem too kneady? 

If a pie isn't your loved one's fave, a fresh loaf of bread might get a rise out of them. Many of our competitors agree that a fresh loaf of bread is a fan favourite.

"Fresh out of the oven is the way to my heart for sure ... because there is so much attention and love that goes into even the simplest loaf," shares Raufikat.  

"It's the ultimate declaration of love, I think." 

If you really think about it, a loaf of bread is technically just a bouquet of flour. 

Bertie says that a fresh loaf of bread, slathered in butter, is the way he'd win his lover's heart. In fact, it's one of the ways he shows his love in general. 

The more butter, the better 

Speaking of butter, Sheldon says butter might be the best ingredient to win over someone's heart (and we have to agree). 

Butter is truly the foundation of every great baked good. Croissants, pastries or simply on a slice of bread, butter is the way to everyone's heart!

Larry says that "The baked good to win my wife's heart is a pain au chocolat. That's one of her favourite pastries and I would make it whenever she wants." 

Make your cake and eat it too!

Cakes aren't only for birthdays, people! 

Oyaks says the way he'd win his lover's heart is with a moist red velvet cake, with some white chocolate ganache and cream cheese frosting. Oh, and a small slice of his heart for good measure. 

Chocolate cake is Mahathi's go-to. She says chocolate cake is the best for anything. 

"It makes a bad day better, it makes a great birthday, it makes a great celebration! Chocolate cake is the best!" 

A decadent chocolate cake with chocolate chips is a sure way to win someone's heart. (Getty Images / iStock )

"I make a big cake!" says Dominique. "Why give a gift you can buy in a grocery store when you can make it with your own hands?" 

No matter what the occasion, whether it's a birthday or a simple celebration, she'd rather get her hands dirty and make a big ol' cake. 

Anjali says a gâteau Basque is the easiest way to her lover's heart. For those who don't know, a gâteau Basque is a dessert originally from the Basque Country, a region straddling parts of Spain and France. It's made with almond flour, pastry cream and/or black cherry jam.

"It's a little harder to find in Toronto, although it is around," according to Anjali, but she says it's a fun recipe to try yourself.

Whatever you and your beloved's sweet tooth desires, baking is a sweet and thoughtful way to capture the hearts (and stomachs) of your loved ones! 

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