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Season 3, Episode 2: Biscuit Week

It's Biscuit Week on The Great Canadian Baking Show, and the bakers have a chance to show off their cookie- and cracker-making skills

It's Biscuit Week, and the bakers have a chance to show off their cookie- and cracker-making skills

Season 3, Episode 2: Biscuit Week

4 years ago
Duration 1:28
The bakers tackle cookies, crackers, and all things biscuits.

For Biscuit Week on The Great Canadian Baking Show, the bakers had a chance to show off their cookie and cracker making skills.

This week saw the bakers make savoury crackers and dips, tackle a tricky cookie technical, and show off their artistic prowess with elaborate cookie sculptures.

After inspecting and sampling the bakers' creations, the judges selected a Star Baker and announced which baker was the next to leave the tent.


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For the signature bake, the judges asked the bakers to make 36 crispy crackers and a savoury dip. Liam impressed the judges with his parsnip crackers and his Moroccan-inspired harissa eggplant dip. 

The judges loved Liam's parsnip crackers and eggplant harissa dip. (Geoff George)

For the technical bake, the bakers were tasked with making one of judge Kyla Kennaley's childhood favourites: marshmallow puffs. 

They make look simple, but these classic cookies made for a tough technical challenge for the bakers. (Geoff George)

Finally, the bakers lived their baking fantasies, creating elaborate cookie sculptures. While there were several impressive creations, Nataliia's outer space city really blew the judges away, and helped her win Star Baker for the second straight week.

Mary Lou was less fortunate. She saw her Newfoundland Ghost Ship cookie sculpture turn into more of a shipwreck, and was the second baker sent home. 

Star Baker: Biscuit Week

4 years ago
Duration 0:44
Biscuit week saw some great cookies and crackers come out of the oven, but there was one baker whose creations were just a little sweeter than the rest.