Season 3, Episode 1: Cake Week

Ten of the country’s best bakers arrive at the iconic Great Canadian Baking Show tent to meet new faces and complete three Cake Week challenges

The Bakers arrive at the Great Canadian Baking Show tent to meet new faces and complete Cake Week challenges

Ten new bakers enter the tent. Who will take the cake and be named star baker? 2:26

CBC's The Great Canadian Baking Show returned for its third season with two new hosts, Aurora Browne and Carolyn Taylor, and 10 of the country's best amateur bakers.

The bakers entered the iconic baking tent to face Cake Week and a series of challenges designed to reveal their skills and personality. This season's new judge, Kyla Kennaley, joined Bruno Feldeisen to carefully sample and deliberate over the finished bakes.

Cake Week saw multiple bakers pull jaw-dropping creations out of the oven, but one stood out from the pack and was named the first Star Baker of the season. Sadly, one baker also had to be the first one sent home.


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Season 3's first Technical had the bakers spinning, as they tried to make a classic strawberry roulade. Some bakers nailed it, while others struggles with everything from the roll to where to put the strawberries.

This classic strawberry roulade was a tough Technical Challenge for the bakers in the first episode of Season 3. (Geoff George)

For this week's Signature Bake the bakers made cakes in the shape of their lucky number. One baker was particularly lucky, as their cake helped them win the Star Baker crown.

Eight really was Nataliia's lucky number during Season 3's Cake Week. (Geoff George)

Between her traditional Ukrainian honey cake in the shape of the number eight and her Showstopper tribute to her adopted home province of Alberta, Nataliia blew the judges away and was named Season 3's first Star Baker.

Sadly, Betty — who said cake was "not really my thing" — was the first baker sent home.

Find out who took the cake in the first week of Season 3. 0:45

Want to elevate your cake game? Let Great Canadian Baking Show judge and veteran pastry chef Kyla Kennaley show you how to make fancy mini cakes.

Judge Kyla shares a step-by-step guide for making your favourite cake even more special. 2:11