Season 2, Episode 8: Finale Week

The last three bakers return to the tent for the final showdown.

The last three bakers return to the tent for the final showdown

The judges had a tough decision to make. There were three excellent bakers competing in Finale Week. (CBC/The Great Canadian Baking Show)

The last three bakers returned to the tent for the final showdown. And all three of them pulled out all the stops.

After eight weeks of amazing creations and heartbreaking disappointments, Sachin, Megan and Andrei were the final three bakers left in the tent. But before one could be crowned the winner of Season 2, they would each have to create an innovative take on the classic Swiss Roll, make a complex marzipan-topped cake for the technical challenge and build an elaborate choux pastry sculpture.


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For the technical bake, the bakers had to make a Swedish Princess Cake, a marzipan-topped, dome-shaped layer cake, beloved by Scandinavian royalty in the early 20th Century.

Technical Bake Deep Dive: Princess Cake

Great Canadian Baking Show

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With so many elements and over two dozen ingredients, the Finale Week Technical Bake tested every skill the bakers had. The judges were looking for a picture perfect Princess Cake, with a perfect dome shape, pristine decorations and precise layers that held when cut. 1:52

While all three bakers impressed with their creations, Andrei's tribute to French Patisserie — a choux pastry tower, which also included an elaborate sugar work cone — nudged him over the top, making him this season's winner.

Star Baker: Finale Week

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From the first day in the tent, this baker wowed the judges (and the other bakers) with a mix of creative presentation and technical precision. 1:47

Sachin also impressed the judges with his Neapolitan Swiss Rolls.

Sachin's Swiss Rolls wowed the judges on The Great Canadian Baking Show finale. (CBC/The Great Canadian Baking Show)