Season 2, Episode 7: French Patisserie Week

WED OCT 31 The four remaining bakers must face French Patisserie Week, one of the most demanding weeks in the tent.
Julia and Dan celebrate French Patisserie week with a bag of baguettes. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)

The four remaining bakers must face French Patisserie Week, one of the most demanding weeks in the tent.

In The Great Canadian Baking Show's semi-final episode, Sachin, Mengling, Megan and Andrei tackled tricky French pastries in an effort to secure a spot in the final. First, they made intricate, jaw-dropping crêpe cakes as a signature bake. Then they tackled a tricky technical challenge that had some of them falling apart. Finally, they created three canapés each for their showstoppers.

Today's star baker secured themselves a spot in the final, but sadly, one more baker also had to go home.


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This week's showstoppers tested the bakers time management skills as much as their technical baking knowledge. These mini raspberry mousse joconde cakes contained several intricate layers. One misstep could cause everything to implode, literally.

Technical Bake Deep Dive: Mini Raspberry Joconde Cakes

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"The recipe was 843 pages at 8 point font." This week's technical bake was one of the most complicated ever to appear on The Great Canadian Baking Show. 2:02

Megan locked up her spot in the finals by winning this week's Star Baker crown. The competition was stiff, but a breathtaking crêpe cake, a strong performance in the technical, and an innovative canapé made her this week's standout.

Star Baker: French Patisserie Week

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This week's star baker was playful and innovative in their baking, but it was their meticulous details that helped seal the deal. 1:27

Andrei also had another strong showing, with his crêpe cake getting particular attention from the judges.

Andrei's mille-crêpe cake blew the judges away during The Great Canadian Baking Show's semi-final. (The Great Canadian Baking Show)