Season 1, Episode 4: Canada Week

WED NOV 22 The Top seven bakers embrace beloved homegrown classics for Canada Week and show their national pride.

Sneak Peek: Canada Week

5 years ago
Duration 0:49
This week in the tent, it's all about handcrafting Canadian classics.

Canada Week on The Great Canadian Baking Show sees the top seven bakers embrace beloved homegrown classics and show their national pride (Wednesday, Nov. 22 at 8 p.m. on CBC-TV and cbc.ca/watch).

We begin the episode with a beautiful tourtière, tackle the technical challenge of an iconic cookie and finish with a fried finale that flummoxes our final seven. 

The judges announce the Star Baker, and the baker who is headed home.


This week's Star Baker showed just the right mixture of skills and calculated risk. Well done! 

Episode 4 Star Baker: Canada Week

5 years ago
Duration 1:43
Find out who's been awarded the title of Star Baker for Canada Week!

And we say goodbye to a beloved baker whose contributions to the tent will be greatly missed!

Episode 4 Long Goodbye: Canada Week

5 years ago
Duration 1:36
Another week, another baker to whom we bid a sad goodbye.

While we don't see butter tarts as a bake this week, Rochelle shows us how easy the recipe can be (#teamraisin)

The Great Canadian Butter Tart Debate

5 years ago
Duration 0:46
We asked the bakers one of the most polarizing, Canadian questions we could think of: Butter tarts with raisins or without?