The Great Canadian Baking Show

'Each mistake is something you can learn from' and other words of wisdom from our bakers

Season 3 bakers share their best baking advice

Season 3 bakers share their best baking advice

We asked the bakers of The Great Canadian Baking Show for their best advice for kitchen newbies. 1:30

Every year, The Great Canadian Baking Show inspires baking-curious Canadians across the country to get in the kitchen and give it a try. But baking can be challenging! (Just ask anyone who's ever had a cake collapse.) Newbie bakers need encouragement and guidance. 

We asked the bakers of Season 3 what their advice would be to a new baker.


My advice would be just try. You have no idea until you stick your fingers into the flour, and you can always try again.

Mary Lou

Learn to weigh everything, don't measure it, the best advice for any beginner baker is that.


Never give up. Always push yourself to keep trying. If something fails, try again. Baking is like a science. You just have to keep following your passion, trying to do the best you can do. 


Go with your feelings. I know everyone says be precise when baking, but sometimes it's OK to add a little bit of extra sugar. Makes it sweeter. 


One piece of advice I'd give a new baker is just start baking. Start simple, and just keep going. Have fun. Make the things that you like to eat. That's what I do. You'll grow and you'll develop and it'll be great.


Always read your recipe from beginning to end before you start.


The one piece of advice I'd give a beginner baker is just keep trying. I probably fail more often than I succeed. When we post things on social media, more often than not, what you see are the successes. You don't see everything that's gone horribly wrong. I have so many cakes in my freezer waiting to be turned into cake pops, it's comical. 


The best advice I can give to a beginner baker is, what you see us putting out on the show, what you see expert bakers putting out, it's not their first go-around. A lot of people come to me saying "I tried this once and it turned out horribly, I mustn't be a good baker."


Just practice lots. If you bake something, and the first time you don't have any success, you don't give up. Just bake another time. Even if it takes 10 times.


Keep trying. You're gonna make lots of mistakes, but each mistake is something you can learn from. And it's very rare you're gonna make something that you can't eat, or that someone else won't eat, so it's always good to try.