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Dominike Audet: Baker Bio

Dominike is known for her infectious energy and her decadent desserts.
Dominike Audet, 42, is a radio host and novelist from Québec, Que. (Great Canadian Baking Show/Steve Carty)

Dominike Audet, 42
Québec, Que.
Occupation: Radio host and novelist
Instagram: @itssodominike

Dominike is a vivacious Québecoise who dabbles in a broad range of baking, from cakes to pastry to macarons. She is a natural host, both at home and on the airwaves, sharing her infectious energy with Québec radio listeners and sharing her decadent desserts with guests at her dinner parties. When she's not writing or perfecting her signature bomboloni, she enjoys jogging through the scenic streets of Québec and snowboarding the slopes in winter.