Meet the Bakers of The Great Canadian Baking Show, Season 3

They've come from all across Canada to show off their skills in the tent

They've come from all across Canada to show off their skills in the tent

Meet the Bakers of The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 3

Great Canadian Baking Show

2 years ago
Hundreds of bakers from all over Canada auditioned to be on The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 3, but only 10 of them will have the opportunity to showcase their skills in the Baking Tent. Get to know them! 1:58

Andrea Nauta, Comox, B.C.

This military spouse and barista describes her baking style as "rainbow sparkles."

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Andrea is excited to show off her flair for colour and decorating in the tent. (Geoff George)

Betty Chan, Vancouver

A trip to France as a student in the 1970s inspired Betty's lifelong love of French pastry.

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Betty describes her baking style as "sophisticated French." (Geoff George)

Chris Koo, Edmonton

Family physician Chris says baking is "both art and science equally"

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Chris describes his baking style as "Classic French with an Eastern influence." (Geoff George)

Colin Asuncion, Toronto

This singing marketing manager loves to experiment with layer cakes

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Colin calls baking "the perfect combination of art and science." (Geoff George)

Jasmine Linton, Richmond Hill, Ont.

Season 3's youngest baker is ready to wow the judges with her large, ornate cakes.

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This criminology student loves to bake for her sorority sisters. (Geoff George)

Jay Smidt, Cantley, Que.

Don't let his large hands fool you. Jay is an expert at intricate, decorative work.

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Jay learned to bake while living in Sweden. (Geoff George)

Jodi Robson, Regina, Sask.

This "mad scientist" is bringing a rustic, experimental, homey baking style to the tent.

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Jodi's honed her baking skills by making treats for her husband's wrestling team. (Geoff George)

Liam Harrap, Revelstoke, B.C.

This avid outdoorsman has a sourdough starter that's only four years younger than he is.

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Outdoorsman Liam says he's used to baking in tents. (Geoff George)

Mary Lou Snow, Conception Bay South, N.L.

Mary Lou wants to "show off a sophisticated side to Newfoundland baking in the tent."

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"I believe baking is both art and science, definitely." (Geoff George)

Nataliia Shevchenko, Edmonton

This recent arrival from Ukraine is turning Canadians on to her homeland's famed honey cake

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Nataliia has only been in Canada for three years, and now she's on The Great Canadian Baking Show. (Geoff George)