Chris Koo: Baker Bio

Family physician Chris says baking is "both art and science equally"

Family physician Chris says baking is "both art and science equally"

Chris describes his baking style as "Classic French with an Eastern influence." (Geoff George)

Age: 30 
Edmonton, Alta.
Occupation: Family physician
Baking style: Classic French with an Eastern influence
Signature baked good: "Choux craquelin with vanilla crème diplomat. (Or matcha. Or black sesame). I like the contrast between the crispy topping, the airy pastry, and the creamy interior."
Is baking an art or a science? "Can I cheat and say that it's both art and science equally? It's science, in that you've gotta understand what's going on, but it's also important to know why you're doing things and not just following steps." 
Butter tarts, raisins or no raisins? "Raisins. Soaked in rum."
Instagram: @chef.koo

Chris recently finished his medical training and is starting his career as a family doctor. Throughout his medical residency, Chris baked obsessively as a stress reliever, much to the delight of his friends, family, and colleagues. True to his academic roots, Chris has an extensive cookbook collection and particularly likes those with textbook-style instruction manuals. When he's not baking or working, Chris also enjoys playing the piano. Chris plans to exhibit his eastern influence on French classics for the judges.