The Great Canadian Baking Show

About The Great Canadian Baking Show

Seasons 1 & 2 are available on CBC GEM!
Judge Bruno Feldeisen, hosts Aurora Browne and Carolyn Taylor, and judge Kyla Kennaley in the tent. (GEOFF GEORGE)

Who are the bakers?

These are 10 of Canada's best home bakers. More than 1,000 bakers across Canada submitted an online application to appear on The Great Canadian Baking Show. From those applications, a select few bakers were asked to come in an show off their skills in person at one of our in-person auditions, held in cities across Canada. From there, the top 10 were selected to come to the tent and show their skills to the country.

What do they get if they win?

Good-natured bragging rights, the title of Canada's Best Amateur Baker, and a ceremonial cake plate.

What's a Signature Bake?

The signature bake is something that shows off the baker's skill, but also their personality. This is often an upgraded version of something they bake at home all the time. The Signature Bake lets the judges, and the audience at home, get to know the baker better.

What's a Technical Bake?

The Technical Bake is where the bakers are presented with a fairly simple, classic recipe, with some — or sometimes many — of the measurements and instructions removed. The bakers must fill in the blanks based on their own baking knowledge.

What's a Showstopper?

Pretty much what it sounds like. This is where the bakers really try to amp up the "WOW" factor. The judges are looking for Showstoppers to be creative, innovative, and professional-grade in both taste and appearance.

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