Two recipes so delicious you'd never know the instructions would fit into a tweet

Andrea Stewart’s batch of 140 character recipes are as quick to make as they are to devour.

Andrea Stewart’s batch of 140 character recipes are as quick to make as they are to devour.

(Credit: Faith Mason)

We've all had that moment, skimming a new cookbook or scrolling through Pinterest, where we laid our eyes on the most delicious, drool-inducing, need-to-have-it-now dish, only to discover it came with a seemingly never-ending list of ingredients we were in no way equipped to prepare.

Andrea Stewart knows that feeling all too well. In fact, it's a big part of what inspired the trained chef and former Food Director's unique new collection, Recipe Shorts, where she shrunk down each and every recipe to fit within the 140 character limit of Twitter. "I wrote this book really to break down those barriers that cooking is difficult or too complicated," Stewart said. "In the end, I hope that the novice cook opens the book and says 'I can make that' where the experienced cook might use it as inspiration for some new ideas."

Flipping through it, you'd never guess that the colourful, tempting dishes that fill Recipe Shorts' pages could be so easy if the pint-sized descriptions didn't give them away. But it took some strategic thinking (and serious creativity) on Stewart's part to ensure that the food itself didn't swing too far to the straightforward side that the taste would be compromised. "I had to think about how to build flavours in a simple way," she acknowledged. "But in truth, when you work with seasonal ingredients in an uncomplicated way they generally will sing loud and clear on the plate. I will always remember having my cousin over for dinner one night and he asked what I had done with to the steak to make it taste so good. I told him it was only salt and pepper. He couldn't believe it! Sometimes less is more."

Even if you're the type of cook to get just as intimidated by the 'less' as the 'more', Stewart says there's still hope — you just might need to take a few deep breaths and grab a pen and paper first. "The key to any big project (cooking or otherwise) is organization," she added. "Make a to do list and start checking off as you complete the tasks. There is something so satisfying about crossing things off your list."

Her best advice for culinary amateurs and savants alike — whether tackling a three-course meal or a tweet-sized brunch — sums up Stewart's whole approach perfectly:

"Keep it simple. Sharp knife. Clean as you go. Cook what you love."

Check out these two incredibly easy (and totally mouthwatering) recipes from Andrea Stewart's new book:

Breakfast Tartine

(Credit: Faith Mason)

Sophisticated simplicity – Makes 1

Spread generous layer ricotta on sourdough toast, sprinkle w/ chop'd pistachios (or fave nuts) & drizzle w/best honey

Tandoori Lamb Cutlets

(Credit: Faith Mason)

Try marinade with chicken or pork – Serves 4

Mix ½C tandoori paste w/ ½C plain yogurt. Add 1lb lamb cutlets,marin8 24hrs. Best on grill or broil hot oven

Recipes taken from Recipe Shorts by Andrea Stewart, published by Kyle Books. Photography by Faith Mason