The craziest, most epic Caesars from across Canada you have to see to believe

Happy #NationalCaesarDay!

Happy #NationalCaesarDay!

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This article was originally published May 18, 2017.

While Canadians might be better known for tasty exports like maple syrup or poutine, there's no denying that the Caesar is one of our most prized national delicacies. Created in Calgary back in 1969, the zesty cocktail is traditionally made from Clamato juice, vodka, tabasco and Worcestershire sauce — a flavour-packed combo that one-ups the Bloody Mary to shame.

Now a brunch staple and patio-weather go-to, restaurants across the country have not only perfected the fiery elixir, but have taken their garnish game to a whole new level, trading in the traditional celery and spicy bean for extravagant additions like grilled cheese, chicken and waffles and even chocolate cake!

In honour of #NationalCaesarDay, here are some of the most over-the-top, drool-worthy Caesars being served in restaurants and bars all across Canada, from the coast of B.C. to the shores of P.E.I. If this list doesn't inspire you to take a cross-country roadtrip, we don't know what will.

Harlem Underground, Toronto, Ont.

This extra spicy beverage comes with a three-course meal of deep fried pickles, chicken and waffles and candied plantain attached.

Tavern on Whyte, Edmonton, Alta.

Snack on some grilled cheese and then wash it down with a whole lotta veggies.

Pub Saint Pierre, Montreal, Que.

A full-on seafood platter with a side of grilled cheese and a Caesar for dessert? Yes please.

Terre Rouge, Charlottetown, P.E.I

Simple on the outside, brimming with nutrient-packed beet juice on the inside.

House Special, Vancouver, B.C.

Sample some incredible Vietnamese street food while you slurp down this flavour-packed bevvy.

FSH & CHP, Hamilton, Ont.

Go a little surf with a crispy coconut shrimp-topped cocktail, or a little turf with candied bacon and sweet pickle.

The Beltliner, Calgary, Alta.

This hotspot's caesar bar means you can pair yours with a breakfast sandwich, pierogies, caprese salad or even chocolate cake!

Vault 29, Fredericton, N.B.

A zesty beverage stacked with homemade pickles and bacon-wrapped scallops. Need we say more?

Score on Davie, Vancouver, B.C.

Caesars topped with Egg McMuffins and tater tots or fried chicken, mac and cheese and Deep n' Delicious? A win win, no matter what you choose.

Exile Restaurant and Lounge, St. John's, N.L.

The real kicker on this harissa and red wine-packed cocktail is the fiery wasabi and Sriracha celery salt rim.

The Blue Room, Ucluelet, B.C.

Get a taste of the U.K. right here in Canada with this gin-infused, beef Wellington-topped cocktail.

Cilantro and Chive, Lacombe, Alta.

These savoury splendors come stacked with a full-sized cheeseburger or a pulled pork and mac and cheese sammy.

Market Burger, Winnipeg, Man.

An extra-large spicy Caesar with a juicy burger on top. Mmm.

The Merchant Tavern, St John's, N.L.

This cocktail comes complete with freshly shucked oysters and charcuterie for a real taste of the east coast.

L'Gros Luxe, Montreal, Que.

At this local haunt, you can customize your Caesar toppings from a drool-worthy list of options that includes grilled cheese, mini burgers, jalapeno poppers and quesadillas.