How to turn broccoli, chard and kale stems into the most delicious spreads and dips ever

These knockout recipes use the tasty stalks you might have been discarding — until now.

These knockout recipes use the tasty stalks you might have been discarding — until now

(All photography by Leila Ashtari)

There's no question that when you buy a bunch of kale or a few heads of broccoli, that you're after those dark green leaves and tree-top-like clusters. But if you're ditching the stalks simply because they're tougher than the rest, you're really missing out. Not only can you cook them the same as you would the rest of the vegetable (or a few minutes more), those stems can be the star of recipes all their own. 

Turn broccoli stems into a cheese dip worthy of your fanciest chip, turn chard stems into a spread — if you use red stems, your spread will be a beautiful blush colour too. And those kale stems? You can make an incredible pesto out of them. We bet these recipes will have you buying bunches of vegetables just to get at those never-to-be-neglected-again stalks.

Swiss Chard Stem Spread

Kale Stem Pesto

Baked Broccoli Stem Dip



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