Get out the grill! Welcome back BBQ season with lots of vegetarian options, burgers, chicken, and even dessert

Take your ribs outside — and your salad and sundae too!

Take your ribs outside — and your salad and sundae too!

(Photography, left: EE Berger; middle: David Loftus; right: Michael Gozum)

Welcome back to BBQ season! In celebration of its return, and our desire to spend as much time as possible outside this summer — cooking and dining, included — we've compiled a list of our best recipes to take to the grill. Maybe you've got a public grill in a park nearby, or a portable one to take to picnics (check for rules and permit requirements!). Or maybe you're lifting the cover off your barbecuing beast in your backyard! In any case, you're probably ready and eager for a fresh season of searing and the promise of al fresco cooking after so much cooking and eating at home. 

We have techniques for grilling corn (don't bother boiling!) and other vegetables better, including lettuce.

And don't forget about whole fish like sea bass or branzino, here's how to clean and fillet a whole one at home. 

Below you'll find inspiration for all of those along with recipes for burgers, seafood, ribs, and even a sundae made better with the BBQ.

BBQ Chimichurri Chicken

(Photo credit: Adrian Harris and Jeremy Inglett)

Grilled Radicchio Salad with Tahini & Chive Dressing

Jean Yoon's Kalbi Beef Short Ribs

Chickpea Burgers With Halloumi and Roasted Tomatoes

(Credit: Shahir Massoud)

Smoky Stone Fruit and Bourbon BBQ Ribs

(Photography by Michael Gozum)

Orange-Basil Watermelon Salad with Grilled Calamari

(Photography by Michael Gozum)

Charred Whole Romaine w/ Hard-Boiled Egg, Anchovy Vinaigrette, and Garlic Bread Crumbs

(Photography by EE Berger)

Tandoori Lamb Cutlets

(Credit: Faith Mason)

Guacamole with Grilled Jalapenos

(Photo: David Bagosy, Styling: Melissa Direnzo)

Lamb Rib Burger with Pineapple Salsa

(Credit: David Loftus)

Grilled Potato Salad

Chili-Topped Hotdogs

(Source: Instagram/@fancy_franks)

Chocolate-Tahini Fudge Sundae with Grilled Peaches

(Photography by Michael Gozum)

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