Fun, flavour-packed ferments that could not be easier to make

If you’ve got salt and time, we’ve got a guide to help you nail sauerkraut (and more mouthwatering pickles) every time.

If you’ve got salt and time, we’ve got a guide to help you nail sauerkraut every time

(Photography by Leila Ashtari)

People who make pickles know something that people who are intimidated by the thought of making pickles don't... 

They're so easy to make they kind of make themselves. 

Yet some are even easier than others, like these (lacto-fermented) pickles here, which require no separately-made brine. For instance, sauerkraut is one of the easiest fermented foods to make: massage salt into sliced cabbage and it makes its own brine. 

That's the extent of the work — the rest is know-how. Once you know the importance of keeping the process clean and the cabbage submerged, how much salt to add and how to keep an eye on it, you'll make and enjoy delicious sauerkraut any time. Which is why we created this guide that walks you through making a batch successfully.

Easy, Homemade Sauerkraut

(Photography by Leila Ashtari)

The same method can be used to make similar lacto-ferments with other vegetables and with the addition of other ingredients like herbs and spices too. So if you're even more intrigued by the tart treats below, skim the step-by-step sauerkraut method, and use the tips to make any of these flavour-packed ferments.

Minty Pickled Celery with Apple and Beets

(Photography by Leila Ashtari)

'Gin' Sauerkraut

(Photography by Leila Ashtari)

Curry-Spiced Fermented Cauliflower

(Photography by Leila Ashtari)

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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