All the best pizza-themed gifts

Know anyone who doesn't love pizza? Exactly. So you cannot go wrong with these pizza-inspired presents.

I want pizza. Any time, all the time. So does the Internet, and so do your friends and family. You literally cannot go wrong with a pizza-inspired gift. Or actual pizza.  Here's a roundup of the best pizza-themed prezzies.

Party Pizza Sweater

A wardrobe essential for the ultimate pizza lover, this jaunty crew cut pepperoni-inspired sweater is a must have.

$59.99, at Shelfies.

Pizza Slice Plates

Because eating all of the pizza requires plates, this set of six is perfect. The pizza delivery box packaging it comes in is A+, too.

$18.68, at Amazon.

Keychain Pizza

We all know pizza holds the key to our hearts, so it might as well also hold the key to our homes and cars, right?

$22 at Verameat.

Pizza bow tie

The cutest accessory for the mini pizza person in your life, this clip-on silk bow tie is ridiculously adorable.

$24.50, at J Crew.

Pizza Slice Art Print

This watercolour print is a sweet gift idea that would add a lovely pizza pop to any gallery wall.

$22.74, at Etsy.

Pizza Party Pepperoni Slice Sunglasses

These fun and feminine sunglasses are perfect for those who want to combine their love of pizza with photo opps at the beach, and/or music festivals.

$79.85, at Nylon.

Pizza Vortex Sweater

Pizza in spaaaaace! This vivid sweater is sure to capture everyone's eye, and is also perhaps the most fun sweater we've ever seen.

$59.99, at Shelfies.

Pizza Scented Candle

Scented like the real thing, this soy-based candle smells of garlic, tomatoes, cheese and dough, and would be the perfect stocking stuffer for any pizza lover.

$11.71, at Etsy.

Pizza Necklace

This dainty necklace is perfect for the pizza-obsessed fashion lover on your list, because we all have one of those people in our lives.

$34.45, at Etsy.

Pizza Slice Pool Float

It may be absolutely freezing outside right now, but that doesn't mean we can't dream of pool parties and lounging on this pizza slice float. Bonus: it comes with two handy cup holders for cold drinks, which will be really helpful when you inevitably burn your mouth on pizza.

$59.99, at Urban Outfitters.

Pizza beach blanket

While we're on the subject of warmer weather, this massive beach blanket is another must-have for pool parties, lazy beach days, and Instagram photos.

$33.99, at Amazon.

The Elements of Pizza cookbook

Become a pizza master with this new cookbook. It offers readers a complete education on the history and craft of pizza-making, as well as a number of recipes for doughs, sauces, and all types of different pizzas.

$33.93, at Indigo.

Pizza iPhone case

Show off your pizza pride with this pizza phone case, available for a variety of iPhone models.

$4.66, at Amazon.

Girls' Glitter Pizza Slice Bag

For the girl who can never have enough sparkle in her life...or pizza. This bag is so cool I'm willing to bet grownups will want it, too (I do).

49.50, at J Crew.

Party Pizza Adult Jumpsuit

Baby, it's cold outside, so go ahead and hibernate all winter long with this delightful pizza onesie.

$99.99, at Shelfies.

Pizza Ring

This cute ring has just the right amount of kitsch and style, and would also make the perfect pizza-inspired engagement ring (just kidding, don't do that).

$20.67, at Etsy.

Pizza gift certificate

There's no better gift for the pizza-obsessed than pizza itself. So why not just buy them a gift certificate to their favourite pizzeria and be their favourite person forever?