7 Chic candy brands you'll devour with your eyes too

Why shouldn't your 3PM fix be as stylish as you?

Why shouldn't your 3PM fix be as stylish as you?

(Source: Instagram,@lolliandpops)

Why eat basic gummy bears when you can snack on chewy rosé roses or red hot chilli peppers? Why grab a candy bar when you could be experiencing rose petal and hibiscus chocolate? Confectionery isn't just for kids anymore and the luxury candy market is growing beyond the fancy boxes of chocolate at your local pharmacy. The flavours are more sophisticated and the designs are made for the Instagram era. Here are seven pretty, delicious brands to follow.

Marie Belle 

This New York chocolatier goes beyond the usual Forrest Gump "you never know what you're going to get" box of chocolates. Marie Belle gift boxes feature an assortment of hot chocolates, bars, ganache and other treats are perfect for the holidays, while artisanal chocolate bars make indulging feel luxurious.


Founded in Montreal, Squish deals exclusively in gummies—more than 100 flavours of gourmet gummies, to be exact. There are the cocktail-inspired gummies, like champagne roses, cosmo flamingos and bourbon cubes. Squish also does vegan gummies, bridal themed collections and even marshmallow chocolate-filled croissants. Plus, if you're not a sweet tooth, try their spicy red hot chilli peppers.

Dylan's Candy Bar

Owned by fashion designer Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan, Dylan's Candy Bar is the world's largest candy emporium with its flagship in NYC and locations in Chicago, Miami and LA, too. The store turns 16 this year and to celebrate, artists, designers and celebrities have created candy mosaics which are being auctioned off for charity.


Probably best known for their boozy gummies, Sugarfina, like all of the trendiest brands, does a lot of collaborations, most recently with range from Casamigos Tequila to Sanrio. And who doesn't like Hello Kitty and friends, right? Scope their Instagram for colourful arrangements of amazing-looking treats.

Fancy Sprinkles

Because it's not just candy that's getting an upgrade, Fancy Sprinkles will turn all your Pinterest fails into creations as stunning that any of these works by pro candy artists.. A small sprinkling of their sugar glitter could make any cupcake a work of edible art. We love their themed deluxe sprinkles for special occasions.

Lolli & Pops

Lolli & Pops is all about curating gifts made up of upscale treats that are quite stunning too. Think chocolate sea salt potato chips, gourmet rice krispie cakes and chocolate bars topped with s'mores, sprinkles and cookies and cream. Gift sets range from $30 USD to $115 USD.

Vosges Chocolates

The tagline "Haut Chocolat" is the first clue that you're in for some fancy and French-inspired treats. The American company was conceived when its owner ate some clearly inspiring truffle beignets at the Place des Vosges in Paris. Expect exotic truffles infused with wasabi, Hungarian paprika, olive oil and Indian curry powder, alongside more traditionally flavoured truffles and chocolate bars.