26 Pie crusts that would steal the thunder from any turkey at the table

A roundup of the Insta-worthy creations that prove that the crust is the best part.

A roundup of the Insta-worthy creations that prove that the crust is the best part.

(Credit: Arlene Lott)

If you've been scrolling through the #food hashtag on Instagram lately, chances are you've happened upon the new 'it' trend that happens to be perfectly fitting for this time of year. We're talking pie art – it's everywhere and we cannot get enough of it.

For some insider insight into this tasty looking, but difficult to achieve pie art, we talked to Canadian baking maven, Arlene Lott. Here's what she had to say about this trend:

"The thought of making a pie from scratch is scary enough for most people – and the amount of ingenuity, design and baking skills required to pull off some of these designs is truly remarkable. A lattice crust with some hand cut details to go onto it used to be about as exciting as pies got. Now, pastry artists are working in 3 dimensions and in colour. [...] Personally, I love when I look at a pie artist's work and I can't figure out how it was achieved. It's both inspirational and aspirational for me. It's wonderfully temporary art."

From delicate cut-outs forming beautiful patterns, to colourful crusts and from filling-forward masterpieces to ample amounts of pretty pie crusts, these bakers are serving up some serious inspo for all your holiday pie baking.Their intricate designs will have you hovering over your phone wondering how exactly such elevated designs were baked into a pie.

Wondering how they do it? Arlene generally plans out her pies a day or two in advance and her most detailed designs take about 2 hours of layout before they get chilled, then they go into the oven. Hashtag #woah.

And while many of us will simply scroll on by these delicious creations, dreaming of the pies that someone else can bring to Christmas dinner, some of you maybe in fact decide to create your own #pieart for your holiday feast. You don't even need to invest much to get started, she says a sharp knife is the only tool you really need. And to that, Arlene has one piece of pastry advice: "Pastry is like a dog – it senses fear. If you tell it you're in charge, it will believe you."

So, if you're aiming to seriously impress the in-laws this season or perhaps you've found yourself with ample amounts of free time this month, look no further. Arlene believes coupling beautiful and clever art with delicious food seems like the perfect recipe for attracting an audience! Behold, the most beautiful pies we have ever scrolled through. 

Crust purists

These pie designs that favour the delicious, buttery pie crust yet are still incredibly stunning.


These pies showcase the filling yet still maintain an elevated design.

Colourful creations

The pies that prove painted crust is a super pretty trend that can take your colourful creation to the next level.

Intricate lattice

These stunning uses of pastry are truly works of art – and proof of intense amount of patience.

Especially festive

All the inspo you need just in time for the holidays.