15 frosty treats to cool down with on the hottest of days

These icy-cool summer sweets will satisfy all your warm weather cravings.

These icy-cool summer sweets will satisfy all your warm weather cravings

(Photo, left: CBC Life; middle: David Bagosy, styling: Melissa Direnzo; right: Martin Poole)

While some would argue that the quintessential summertime treat is one loaded with fresh berries or mango, hot days call for the iciest of options. And the beauty of these beat-the-heat treats is that they're (mostly) make-ahead, and ready to offer instant relief from the heat. We've got chocolate-topped sundaes, fruit-filled popsicles, citrusy granitas and marvellous mousses to reach for these days, all right this way. 

Something to sip on

Pineapple Whip

An icy, delicious treat, that just happens to be pretty healthy too.

A golden pineapple-shaped cup with a white dessert in it on a pink surface with pink background. A hollowed-out pineapple with pineapple chunks in it, orange, lemon and lime slices, a full pineapple, and a tray of strawberries sit around the cup.

Coffee Smoothie Smoothie

Yes, you can have your morning coffee and (dairy-free!) smoothie all in one delicious drink — chocolate optional.

2 clear glasses with chocolate smoothies in them, on a light blue napkin in front of a light blue background. Bananas and strawberries are in the background, and coffee beans are in the foreground.

Strawberry Cotton Candy Milkshake

This creamy and frothy shake is bursting with strawberry flavour and tangy candy — the perfect dessert to indulge in!

Sweet and Savoury Milkshake

This fully loaded shake is every peanut butter-lover's dream.

Popsicle perfection

Boozy Orange Creamsicles

The quintessential popsicles of our youth, all grown up.

overhead shot of 6 creamy, orange popsicles and orange slices laying on a white marble surface.

Pink Margarita Popsicles

The prettiest end to an al fresco dinner. 

overhead shot of 4 pink popsicles with strawberry slices in them. strawberry and orange slices lay next to them on a white marble surface.

Key Lime Pops

A cold and creamy vegan treat that couldn't be more delicious!

Sundaes and sandwiches

Chocolate-Tahini Fudge Sundae with Grilled Peaches

A diner-style dessert with a decadent twist.

Hot fudge being poured from a small blue dish into a sundae in a tall glass with layers of vanilla ice cream, fudge and peaches. A marble tray with peach slices and another sundae sit behind it. It all sits on a grey wood surface.

Nice Cream with Raspberry Syrup

This dairy-free vegan recipe is banana-based and just as delicious as the real deal.

Chocolate-Crusted Brownie Ice Cream Sundae

A decadent, chocolate-covered dessert that's guaranteed to dazzle.

4 ice cream cones in a metal tray. the ice cream is dipped in chocolate and topped with cherries and whipped cream.

Salted Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

A (mostly) make-ahead sweet you can whip out whenever a craving hits.

a stack of 3 ice cream sandwiches made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. another sandwich sits beside it and one sits behind it.

More fruit-forward refreshments

Shikanji Granita with Lemon Crème Fraîche

Chef Anjum Anand's icy take on a traditional Indian lemonade is exactly what we want to eat in the heat.

overhead shot of a grey plate of shaved ice with lemon rind in it. 2 small glasses of the dessert topped with cream and pomegranate arils sit next to it, all on a dark grey surface.

Strawberries and Cream Freezer Fudge

A vegan, super-chill, summer treat to reach for on a hot afternoon. 

Nadiya's Fruit Salad Fattoush

A fruit salad full of fresh, frozen and dried fruits topped with cinnamon-coated tortilla crisps. 

The Easiest Mango Vanilla Mousse

A three-ingredient treat with sunny vibes.

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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