11 pizzas that prove there's a slice for every situation

With endless crust, base and topping choices, pizza can and will satisfy your every whim.

With endless crust, base and topping choices, pizza can and will satisfy your every whim

(Photography, left: Adrian Harris and Jeremy Inglett; middle and right: David Bagosy)

It's a scientific fact that pizza can cure all ailments [citation needed]. It's comfort food served by the slice, and with endless crust, base and topping options, pizza can and will satisfy your every whim. Which is why those choices matter — not any one pizza is right for all circumstances! Whether you have a specific "pizza personality," are seeking a hearty meal for dinner tonight or you're hosting game night, there's a pizza below that's just what you need.

For the 'it must have meat' pizza types:

These pizzas aren't for the faint of heart with their generous helpings of meat.

Shahir's Bacon, Hot Pepper and Arugula Pizza

Meat Lovers' Pizza

(Photo: David Bagosy, Styling: Melissa Direnzo)


For the homebody:

Fall flavours evoke feelings of comfort and cosiness for many of us. So what better food to curl up with at home than this vegetarian pizza that uses butternut squash instead of tomatoes for its sauce?

Butternut Squash Pizza

(Photo credit: Adrian Harris and Jeremy Inglett)


For the nonconformist:

This is not your traditional pizza! Made from a batter rather than a dough and baked in a cast-iron skillet, this easy-to-make "pizza pancake" is a blast to eat.

Savoury Margherita Dutch Baby

(Photo: David Bagosy, Styling: Melissa Direnzo)

This vegan option steps outside the box with barbecue "chicken" and a dairy-free ranch sauce.

Liv's Totally Meatless BBQ 'Chicken' Pizza


For the host with the most:

This large pizza is perfect for hosting a few guests, and will be a win with meat-eaters and vegetarians alike — it's as big on size as it is on flavour.

Party Pizza with Fennel, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Olives

(Photo: David Bagosy, Styling: Melissa Direnzo)


For the fan who needs a slice while they watch:

Based on the favourite toppings of former Toronto Raptor Kyle Lowry and forever Toronto Raptor fan Drake, this sausage and Canadian bacon pizza with alfredo sauce is a worthy pie for game day.

'We The North' Alfredo, Sausage and Canadian Bacon Pizza

What is game night without a little beer-braised onion and bacon on your pizza? Perfect for sharing!

Hockey Night Pizza


For pizza date night:

A little red wine and some smoked oysters. Better make this pizza for two.

Drunk in Love Red Wine Mushroom and Smoked Oyster Pizza


For the Star Wars marathon movie night:

Themed movie nights are so much fun, especially when your pizza shows up on-brand.

Death Star Blue Cheese and Bacon Pizza


For the minimalist:

There's nothing subtle about the amount of flavour sun-dried tomatoes pack, and if you want it to really shine through on your pizza, this recipe is for you.

Steven's Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza



It's always good to have a reliable pizza dough recipe in your back pocket. What you put on it depends on your mood.

Shahir's Ultimate Pizza Dough


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