Your very special Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse horoscope

The only Total Lunar Eclipse of 2019 sounds the call for independence, freedom and change.

The only Total Lunar Eclipse of 2019 sounds the call for independence, freedom and change.

The Full Moon in fiery Leo will pass through Earth's shadow and reach totality in the first hour of January 21st – and presto, a spectacular Total Super Blood Moon Eclipse will grace the skies of Canada and the rest of the Americas plus Greenland, Iceland, Western Europe and Western Africa. Totality will last for 62 minutes and reach peak totality at 12:16am ET/5:16am UT.

The Moon, as is always the case with Total Lunar Eclipses, will turn a rusty red colour. It's become customary in the recent years to refer to this dramatically as a Blood Moon. The first Full Moon of the year goes by the Wolf Moon moniker.

This will also be an extra-potent Supermoon. The cosmos is putting on a big show. Cloudy or not, you may feel it. Full Moons amplify moods, emotions and the power of celestial events. The addition of Total Eclipse, the Supermoon effect and willful Leo will make it even more powerful.

Uranus is prominently placed in the Lunar Eclipse, with several sharp dynamic alignments. That will give him the quality of a wrecking ball. Uranus is in the final degrees of fiery Aries and will reach Taurus, the sign of stability and the status quo, in early March. He'll remain in Taurus for seven years. The sky won't fall on Eclipse Day, but the momentum of dramatic change will accelerate in the coming months. 

The good side of all this is that it will drive you on to fulfil your deepest desires. The Uranus effect will have you breaking out of the egg and demanding independence. The spirit of revolution is here.

A Venus/Jupiter conjunct will also figure strongly in the Lunar Eclipse. Jupiter will magnify the energy of Venus. The creative feminine principle is accelerating, which is to say compassion, meditation, healing and care of the environment. There is resistance to this change, but change is coming. 

Here is your personal horoscope for the Total Lunar Eclipse of January 20/21


The Lunar Eclipse heralds a turning point when a certain toxic situation gets resolved. Dark clouds will be replaced by blue skies and sunshine. The progress you seek concerning something of great importance will assuredly come. So, don't lose hope, especially now when the tide is starting to flow your way. The inspiration will come to perfect your strategy. You will astound yourself with your connection to your inner source of wisdom that will lead to an improvement in your material and emotional comfort.


The Lunar Eclipse will pluck up your courage to be the person you've always wanted to be. You will break the mould. Dare to be different and a certain challenging situation will change for the better in every way and at every level. The sky is encouraging you to be adventurous, to reach out boldly beyond your limitations. There is no reason to feel unsure of yourself or your abilities, but every reason to be intrepid. The sky will infuse you with the temerity to achieve the unimaginable. Make your wishes and you'll get them


There's a strange pattern happening. Just as it seems your home port is in sight, turbulent winds rise up out of nowhere and blow your ship off course. Determination will win the day. Your ideas may seem far-fetched and too complicated for a few people in your world, but your fine. The Lunar Eclipse makes it clear that you have a firm connection to common sense and practicality. That's good. You have endured so much and you've risen after each setback, so you've earned your coming success. You're on the right track.


You've been painstakingly working hard every step of the way in your quest for the Holy Grail of your life. Sometimes, you have your doubts and wonder if there is really any point in all this work you're doing. Have no fear. Your judgment is infallible, well almost, you are human after all. The Lunar Eclipse will open the door to a wonderful development. Your inner source of guidance is standing right behind you now as you push hard to broaden your horizons. You'll get to where you want to be. Before long you'll have something to celebrate.


You are up to your eyeballs in stuff to do and to deal with. Objections have been raised regarding an important plan that you are doing your best to initiate. Someone's vanity and perhaps even stupidity is clouding their perception. This may be annoying, but it will help you by compelling you to develop your skills of logical persuasion. If you are absolutely certain of yourself and your vision, you'll find the right words to influence all those involved. You'll be amazed how easy it will be to set things in motion.


You used to have a penchant for worrying, but experience has taught you that worrying only aids and abets all the negative forces of life. The Lunar Eclipse is guiding you through a portal into a world where your intuitive and creative abilities will blossom. Be careful, however, to not allow your fertile imagination to envision worst case scenarios. You've had your share of emotional ups and downs and challenges to your stamina. It's time now for serenity. Visualize good things and you'll feel truly amazed by the depth and breadth of your good fortune.


The trials and tribulations we face in our human experience happen for a good reason. By dealing with them we become wiser and more adept at dealing with adversity. To succeed you need to be an impeccable warrior – always alert and prepared for the next battle. The Lunar Eclipse will quicken your pace along your path to success and fulfilment. There is every good reason to feel hopeful and even joyful about what is to come. You will be able to summon strength when you need it and inspire others to do the same. Your future holds some stunningly pleasant surprises.


The Lunar Eclipse marks the entry point into a most fortunate new chapter in your life. You are very well acquainted with living through dismal and depressing stretches. Put your fears aside. The Eclipse will be good for you, providing you let go of the past. Not doing so risks obstructing your success. Bid your old problems farewell – been there, done that. The last thing you want to do is to delay the arrival of a most auspicious new era. This is just the beginning of journey that is leading you to ultimate triumph and success.


It's rarely easy to take criticism, especially if it cuts too close to the bone. Yuck. Not good. But there is a difference between just criticism and unjust criticism. You've had plenty of experience in dealing with people's comments. There was a even time when you felt jaded and embittered, but now as the Lunar Eclipse kicks in, it will become clear that your self-confidence has grown – and it hasn't gone unnoticed. There are plenty of people out there who deeply appreciate your talents and your contribution to their lives.  


It's only natural to feel somewhat despondent and downcast these days as this mad world we live in gets crazier by the minute. But this big powerful Lunar Eclipse will give you a huge unprecedented boost to your spirits. Your ability to make light of issues that used to send you down a spiral of despair will surprise you. A bright warm light is shining on your life. Ultimately, this is all you need to find your way through a certain quandary. 


It's a well-established fact that happiness and success is highly dependent on our mental attitude. The more you treasure life and appreciate all that is good in it, the better your chances of success. Working yourself up into a state of anxiety over troubles only brings more trouble. The Lunar Eclipse marks a transitional point when you really get control over your thoughts and mood. A volatile drama in which you are embroiled will start to resolve itself. You'll realize how lucky you actually are. Feel good and good things will happen.  


Where you now feel unhappy and disheartened, you will experience a total transformation. Your ability to attract joy is growing. The Lunar Eclipse is opening a beautiful new vista. Walk into it with confident assurance. A serene celestial picture eagerly awaits your arrival. Yes, you are fully entitled to good fortune and happiness. All that's required of you is to have faith in your own talents and potential. Flow with the changes as they arise. The Universe will supply you with exactly what you need.


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