Your special Summer Solstice horoscope is here: Focus on your most cherished dreams

Energy and inspiration are on the way to help you achieve your goal.

Energy and inspiration are on the way to help you achieve your goal.

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun reaches the highest point in the sky. It's a time of festivity. The seeds of Spring have blossomed and grown. Leaves adorn the trees. A new generation of birds has hatched from their eggs and left their nests. Bees are producing their gift of healing golden honey. An eventful and productive summer lies ahead. Think about where and how you'd like to devote all that energy.

The next Mercury retrograde (July 7-31) will bring opportunities and positive changes. It will give you a chance to perfect your plans and streamline your strategies.

July also brings a pair of powerful eclipses that will highlight Cancer and Capricorn. A Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer takes place in on July 2. The Moon will block the Sun's light and cast a shadow that will sweep across the South Pacific Ocean and South America. It won't be visible in North America.

Two weeks later on July 16, the Full Moon in Capricorn will be partially eclipsed by Earth's shadow. This Partial Lunar Eclipse combined with the Mercury retrograde will inspire you to work hard with your projects. You'll find all the energy you need to power through to success.

The Jupiter retrograde (April 10 to Aug 11) is an important cycle to stay in touch with. The Opener of the Way is taking you on a voyage of discovery. His 4-month retrograde cycle is preparing you for the launch of something new in your life in August. You may be searching for a new job, looking for a promotion, wanting to start a new business or planning a wedding. Whatever it is, Jupiter in jovial Sagittarius will lead the way to success.

Light a candle and make a note of your wishes. Concentrate and focus on your vision. Magical nature spirits will take care of all your needs.


A prolonged dilemma is causing you more concern than it ought to. A search for a plan to nullify a mistake in judgment will succeed. The situation is not as insidious or malevolent as you fear. You'll turn a negative situation into an amazing opportunity. Mistakes come for a good reason. Nothing happens by accident. Your arduous effort to achieve a heartfelt goal will succeed. The Summer Solstice will snap open the gates allowing you explode with the power of a racehorse.


You have plenty of facts, but not a decent theory to put it all together into a cohesive strategy. The more information you get, the more confusing everything becomes. Your mind is going around in circles. Decisions need to be made. Action has to happen. The Summer Solstice will connect you with your inner source of wisdom. It's that part of you that instinctively knows what needs to be done. It sees the truth. Finally, you'll discover what you must do. Peace of mind will be achieved.


The outlook concerning the realization of a big dream is looking most auspicious. Your future can be engineered into something that is to your liking. There's every good reason to feel confident. It might require extending your timeline a little. A certain degree of patience is necessary as long as you maintain your focus and determination. The Summer Solstice will allow this process to reach a successful conclusion quite naturally and in its own time. Your efforts will prove worthwhile.


A surge in your personal power will allow you to clear a roadblock and take control of an unpredictable situation. The Summer Solstice marks a stage in your life that will liberate you from unwanted restrictions. It will be one of the most exciting and rewarding times you have ever lived through. You have the unique ability to create something out of nothing or to put it differently, you know how to make the impossible possible. You will be thoroughly pleased with how things turn out.


It's funny how after the passage of a few years we can look back at old problems and wonder why they ever caused us so much consternation. That's because they all taught you lessons that made you wiser. Likewise, what is concerning you now will seem trivial when you look back at some point in the future. The Summer Solstice will boost your confidence and embolden your heart. Expect the best and you'll end up with something far better that you ever thought possible.


By carefully analyzing the thousands of thoughts that flow through your mind on a daily basis, you'll notice that the vast majority of them are tinged with pessimism and a fear of failure. Beware of underestimating your own potential. There's so much you can do to triumph over a certain obstacle that, for all intents and purposes, seems impossible to circumvent. The Summer Solstice will impress upon you that nothing is so tough that it can't be conquered. Prepare to outstrip your expectations by trusting and believing in your innate ability to overcome any challenge.


Do your best to develop some way to be happy, regardless of what circumstances are dictating. Light-heartedness allows life to unfold in a more natural and harmonious manner. All those clouds looming above your head have silver linings. A certain challenge you're wrestling is teaching you an essential and precious lesson. Your celestial mentor is guiding you. The Summer Solstice will help you take hold of the tiller of your life and steer it toward the accomplishment of a cherished dream.


The shadow of an old disappointment is drifting into the distance. The Summer Solstice indicates that this time now marks a positive turning point. A door is opening. The benevolent core of the Universe is beaming light and happiness into your life. You're waking up to your unrecognized potential. It's amazing how something so vibrant has been hidden away for so long. As you connect to this inner source of creativity, you'll notice an upbeat and bold shift in your spirits. It'll make you feel superhuman.


From this time onwards, it should be easier to get over a hump that's been slowing down progress. For too long, your thoughts have been going round and round with the same old thought patterns. The Summer Solstice will feel like someone has opened all the doors and windows in a cottage that has been shut up all winter. Fresh air will sweep in and clear the dank atmosphere. Breathe in the new vibrant mood and brace yourself for the good things to come. Reach now for your highest ideals.


You have a chance now to better understand the cause of what's been holding you back from achieving a dream. There's so much you're entitled to in life, but unforeseen obstacles always seem to rise up to block your passage. The Summer Solstice will help you regain a precious sense of positive perspective. It will allow you to restore an exciting sense of your potential. You want to be the master of your destiny. And why not. A bold intrepid explorer, the real you, has begun to awaken after a long slumber.


It's important to thoroughly examine information that we're given. Whether it's done deliberately or by accident, we can easily be misled by erroneous facts. We need to recognize the difference between false news and truth. This should be easy for you to do. It's time to get a move on. The Summer Solstice will show you how to transcend appearances and see through to what lies at the core of people's actions. When you're at your best, nothing can stop you. And you're at your best now.


A painful episode in your past cast a shadow on your future by lingering on in your memory. You've been replaying it over and over again. The Summer Solstice marks the point when you will put aside this pain. Light will be cast on this darkness. Dark shadows will disperse. A healing process has begun. The courage to change the status quo will come with surprising ease. You're now fully prepared both mentally and spiritually to move on. No longer will you put up with anyone's incursions into your personal space.


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