Your special Spring Equinox Horoscope is here: The growing light helps release tension and other holdups

Watch closely for opportunities and turning points.

Watch closely for opportunities and turning points.

The Spring Equinox on March 20 is one of four portal points along the ecliptic, which is the annual path of the Sun. The Sun, aka Apollo, is leaving the Southern Hemisphere and coming north into fiery Aries. He's climbing upwards in the Northern Hemisphere towards the high point of the June Summer Solstice, after which he'll begin his descent to the Fall Equinox in September. Spring, the season of love, procreation, flowers, buds, greenery, birds and bees will begin. Make your wishes and write them down — fruition is on its way.

This is your horoscope for the season of the Spring Equinox:


Sometimes we think everything is going wrong, and sometimes it is. Big storms happen. It's just the way of life. The trick is to hunker down and battle on. If you're worried now, you won't be for long. Good things are happening undetected, just under your mental radar. The Spring Equinox will disperse those dark storm clouds. The Sun has begun shining into your world with a golden glow. A prolonged period of good fortune has just begun.


Confronting pessimism with hope and optimism is the key to winning at a game you're playing. Trust the sense of confidence that is blossoming in your heart. The Spring Equinox will calm down a crazy, chaotic imbroglio that has consumed you. Life is going to get easier. You'll get a glimpse of that perfect world you're yearning for. A sweet breeze is gently wafting your ship towards a land of delight.


A problem you're dealing with is a blessing in disguise. Despite the tension and anxiety you've been forced to deal with, something is beginning to sort itself out. A very important piece of information has come to your attention. You've been looking for this for a long time. You now have all you really need to know to make an important move. The Spring Equinox will give you the confidence to march forward towards the realization of a dream. You're on the right track.


The Spring Equinox is introducing you an exceptional chapter in your life. A particularly tense saga in your journey is winding down and losing its grip. The long shadow of troubles is vanishing as the Sun rises to bring light and warmth into your world. Your future is being created in your head right now, so make it a great one. You're firmly on track to attain the liberation you seek. You're not longer waiting for something to happen. You're going to make it happen.


The Spring Equinox is glowing brightly at the end of that proverbial long tunnel. A portal is opening that will offer you an escape from a world of monotony. A negative current that blocked you is ending. It will offer no further opposition to your hopes and dreams. You're breaking the shackles that have confined you. It seems that something up there thinks you deserve a treat. You're fully capable of batting away any problems that arise – big or small.


Planet Earth is your training ground. You've been inducted into a program that's designed to make you wiser, stronger and tougher. You're not alone in a hostile Universe. Pay no attention to the voice of cynicism that shrewdly presents its debilitating and faulty viewpoint. You're in the midst of story that will reach a glorious outcome. The Spring Equinox will prove that you have far more influence and control than you imagine. It requires hard work, but you're going to love it. You have what it takes to finish the course, as you'll soon realize.


It's good to be patient, but there are times when too much patience slows down progress. Time's moving fast, and you haven't seen enough progress from someone who's playing an important role. You're wondering if you should give them a push to get them moving along. The Spring Equinox is bringing a burst of energy that will wake up sleeping dogs. Get ready to blow your whistle.


Decision-making is kind of hit and miss. So often, there's a heavy price to pay if we get it wrong. But even bad choices can lead to good outcomes if we remain firm in our positive conviction. Your indomitable spirit cannot be put down. You're on a mission to discover the meaning of your life, your purpose and your direction. The Spring Equinox will help you win the prize you have your heart set on. You can get it if you really want to, so go for it.


There's a high price to be paid if our thoughts veer into negative territory. Most of us aren't aware of how real this threat is. The mere act of getting a traffic ticket can catch us off guard and send us into a ditch. The accomplishment of an important dream hinges on your ability to control your thoughts. A choice must be made with profound implications — the Spring Equinox will point you in the right direction. A newfound optimism has begun sweeping into your life and an exciting world of infinite possibilities awaits your arrival.  


There's not a lot that would have a chance of holding you back. You have grit, plenty of resolve and determination. Making it through worse case scenarios has made you an indomitable force. There's always too much to do and not enough time to do it, but who cares. You're adaptable and will do it whatever is necessary to attain your goals. The Spring Equinox will steer you towards the success you so richly deserve. You have every good reason to feel confident.


The Spring Equinox will work on honing your instincts and intuitive skills. This is a very special time for you. Big profound changes are in store that will lead you to something you've wanted for a long time. You might not be able to put your finger on exactly what is making this time so special, but that's okay. It's happening, nonetheless. You'll see it more clearly looking in retrospective at a pivotal point in your future. You'll remark at how it all began now. So, don't be fearful or uneasy. You have good reason to be encouraged.


The Spring Equinox will see to it that your most valued ideas manifest in quick time. The light of your dreams is as bright as the nourishing Sun. This is a magical point when you will be directed to accomplishing great things. The golden light of the Sun is putting the spotlight on you, so that you get noticed by influential people who have the power to move you up in the world. Believe in yourself. Life is going to make it easy for you to make judicious and prescient decisions.


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