Your special Spring Equinox 2021 horoscope is here: A Saturn-Uranus alignment will be powerfully beneficial

Let the Sun in the action sign of Aries illuminate your options and the path ahead.

Let the Sun in the action sign of Aries illuminate your options and the path ahead

Three months have elapsed since the Sun — the mythical Apollo, our source of light and nourishment — journeyed to the south and gave us the longest night of the year. On March 20 the Sun will enter the action-sign of vigorous Aries and the length of the  day will finally equal the night. 

For the next three months here in the Northern Hemisphere the days will grow longer. Beautiful, glorious light will sparkle and bring delight. The long, dark, cold winter is behind us. Burgeoning buds will burst into life. Bees will be buzzing and producing honey. Birds will be building their nests. The next three months will lead us to June's Summer Solstice of June 21, the longest day of the year. 

May 26 will be punctuated by a Total Lunar Eclipse in adventurous Sagittarius. June 10 will bring a Solar Eclipse in the information sign of Gemini. 

Mercury took his place as a glittering Morning Star on February 15 and will stay there until April 10, as he journeys out toward the Sun carrying your hopes, dreams and aspirations — the cargo of his merchant ship. He's looking for opportunities for you. On April 19 he reaches the far side of the Sun at which point you'll get an update on how he is doing. Listen to your intuition. From that point on he'll begin his journey back toward Earth to emerge as a shining Evening Star from April 27 to June 1.

The next Mercury retrograde runs from May 29 to June 22. Watch out for the usual glitches in travel, transportation and communications as he moves backwards in Gemini. 

Venus, aka Aphrodite, is a symbol of feminine strength and power. She is currently transitioning from a Morning Star to an Evening Star. The golden orb of the Sun is currently drowning out her light for March and April, but on May 5 she will re-emerge in her full glory as a shining Evening Star. Her glow will grace our skies throughout the summer. Look to her for hope. Her healing light will bring comfort. 

Jupiter, the adventurer of the solar system, is currently visible as an Evening Star. He's leading you forward toward the manifestation of your dreams. He formed the Great Conjunction with Saturn on December 21, launching a new 200-year era emphasizing Aquarius. 

A square between Saturn and Uranus will dominate the heavens throughout the next three months. This will prove to be a most powerful and beneficial alignment for you personally as the status quo represented by Saturn goes through major changes triggered by Uranus, the innovator. You'll be very pleased with the results. 

Write down a list of your wishes, hopes and dreams on a piece of paper. Set your goals and plan out your strategy. The Sun will illuminate your path ahead and make your dreams come true. 

Here is your Spring Equinox Horoscope:


Your propensity for being outspoken makes controversy your bedfellow. You don't always have an easy time, because you are ahead of your time. You are now seeing further than most of the people around you. They can't envisage what you can envisage. There are a lot more of them than there are of you and they are very vocal. Say what you need to say. Ask what you need to ask. Try and get your mind off all your concerns and reflect instead on what makes you feel good. What you're passionately searching for will come closer as a result. The Saturn-Uranus link will increase your personal power and help your cause.


Your intuitive skills vary from excellent on a good day to good on a bad day. You should really trust them more than you do. The Saturn-Uranus link will put you on the trail of something that you greatly need. This is no time for hesitation. But if you run too energetically, you could cause things to get out of control. You have to apply just the right pressure. That's where you are now. Don't slow it down, don't speed it up and don't worry about anything. Just wait for the perfect moment. It is nearer than you think. The sky is leading you to success and the fulfilment of a cherished dream. 


Some people have a seemingly endless ability to aggravate others. Some do it quite deliberately. Some live in blissful ignorance of the impact they have on the rest of the world. If a potential bone of contention is handled with care, wonderfully constructive allegiances can be developed. The rabble-rousers will be silenced. The Saturn-Uranus alignment will lead you to an enlightened insight. Your intuition will come through with a revelation that will effectively inform you how to silence your detractors. Look at what you have achieved. Be proud of it. Then let this inspire you to persevere. 


If anyone deserves a break, you do. You have lately been struggling against daunting odds. The Saturn-Uranus link is providing the emotional power and the physical endurance you need to break through a barrier. If recent events have not already given you a sense that you can overcome any obstacle, coming events will. Don't feel bad about feeling good. And don't be afraid to say what you think. Your honest approach is one of your most noble attributes. Think of yourself as a Marathon runner. Pace yourself but keep on going. You have come a long way and now the winning post is almost in sight. There is the promise of imminent victory. 


A mess needs to be sifted through, sorted and set right. You, though, are not in the mood. It all seems like too much of a chore and a bore. But a delicate issue must be addressed in the process. Just take care to not trigger an angry response from a certain person by using badly chosen words. The Saturn-Uranus link will make it clear that what's right for the person in question may not suit you. It's important to stand up for your independence. This will have a hugely positive impact on your future. You can safely rely on your currently enhanced skills in diplomacy to steer your way through any psychological and emotional landmines. 


Certain crucial developments and events in your life are converging in a most meaningful and profound manner. There is no such thing as a mere coincidence. These are not just the random workings of a mechanical universe. You have a distinct purpose that is supported by a friendly sky that acknowledges your ability to determine your own destiny. What you really want now, is to feel safe and sure about where you are and where you are going. The Saturn-Uranus link will help you achieve this. Once you do, you'll feel better and more control over events, and with more friends and allies than you've ever had. 


You can't tell whether you are winning or losing. This, all on its own, is encouraging. You have had enough experience in earthly matters to recognize defeat when you see it. What you are looking at now could be described as a kind of failure when viewed from an obscured vantage point. It does not, though, qualify for this definition in any other way. It may not be exactly what you wanted, but it is, nonetheless, very favourable. The Saturn-Uranus link will give you clarity of mind. As you look at it again with fresh eyes, you'll decide that you do like it, very much indeed. A certain challenge will surely be defeated.


Your inner radar is so strong it can detect negativity directed at you, even when it's coming from a stranger. Someone with whom you are closely associated appears to have priorities that are at variance with yours. Despite how it might seem, this person is not deliberately being difficult. Their heart is in the right place. There is a way of reaching harmony that will be mutually beneficial and make you feel more secure. Once this is achieved, all the other hassles won't matter so much. The Saturn-Uranus link will offer you a ring of protection, a kind of thick skin, that will keep you protected. If you always do the right thing, nothing will ever hurt you. 


As you summon courage and caution to make a crucial decision, don't forget to include your intuition. You'll need all three if you want to hit the right note in coming up with a good action plan. When we have a good idea of what we are dealing with, it is much easier to fix problems. A situation that seems doomed is in much better shape than you realize, so there's no need to feel insecure. The Saturn-Uranus influence in the next three months will help you attain a better understanding of what you must do. When that comes, it will become clear that everything is moving in the right direction. 


Some people have the advantage of having a skin so thick that even when they are being insulted, they hardly notice. Having that layer of protection provides a measure of emotional stability. Of course, having a skin too thick can be a problem. For example, you've been putting off dealing with something in your life that has been wrong for a while. You've become inured to it. The Saturn-Uranus influence will provide a wakeup call by providing a chance to identify and address the source of all this. It can be corrected. And then you can start playing a more positive role in the lives of those you care for so much. 


It's time to carefully examine your coffee grains and see what pictures emerge. Awkward questions need to be asked if you are to stand any chance of understanding your role in an arrangement that is going through a substantial transformation. The Saturn-Uranus connection is advising not to let yourself get pushed into anything you don't particularly feel comfortable with. Nothing is good unless your heart says it is. Success is a question of creating opportunity. It may not exist where you think that it ought to. Talk to people. Invite their suggestions. An imminent, exciting breakthrough is close at hand. 


It's easy to assume the worst when we are worried. You are worrying yourself sick by fretting too much about something that hasn't happened and probably never will happen. This is largely due to an underestimation of your personal power and influence. Focus on the outcome you want, and providence will take care of the rest. You have what it takes to manifest your dreams and reach the promised land. The Saturn-Uranus alignment is offering a chance now to create the lifestyle you've always wanted to have. Your path through life does not have to be so stressful. You can afford to relax a little more and to be trusting. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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