Your special fall equinox 2022 horoscope is here

This season, five planets station direct and help us rewrite our stories, while two eclipses wash away what’s no longer needed.

This season, five planets station direct and help us rewrite our stories.

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Welcome to the fall equinox! The sun enters Libra on Sept. 22, marking the start of a new season as the length of day nearly equals that of the night. Over the next three months, we'll experience five planets resuming forward motion and two eclipses, helping to provide clarity and clear up any past confusion. 

When speedy Mercury stations direct in analytical Virgo on Oct. 2, we'll be ready to recentre our minds. The communication planet is dignified in this mutable earth sign, allowing us to regain our composure as he resumes forward motion. Just remember that we won't be entirely out of the woods until Oct. 16, when Mercury concludes his shadow period in fair-minded Libra. Only then will we feel safe to do things like sign contracts, purchase new technology and take short trips at a moment's notice. 

On Oct. 8, transformative Pluto will also resume forward motion, stationing direct in ambitious Capricorn. As the planet of sex, death, rebirth and renewal moves through this cardinal earth sign, he brings our subconscious desires to light and asks us to consider how we claim power through our work. Take a moment, too, to reflect on the aspects of your life that have been undergoing metamorphosis during this time.

If you've really been working on yourself of late, you may have Saturn's recent retrograde to thank. Since early June, this structure-ruling planet has been encouraging us to create new rules for living our best lives. When Saturn stations direct in forward-thinking Aquarius on Oct. 22 or 23, depending on where you live in the country, he'll lend support to our journeys by infusing us with a new sense of maturity. We'll feel compelled to take ownership of our actions and channel our energy toward creating stability — as well as a brighter future for our communities at large. 

When a partial solar eclipse in strategic Scorpio sweeps through on Oct. 25, we'll have the opportunity to set a powerful intention. Solar eclipses can usher in new beginnings, with the sun and moon working in the same portion of the sky to help focus our energy and thoughts. During and around the solar eclipse, you'll also be wise to expect the unexpected — strange and exciting news could materialize suddenly, requiring you to react and readjust on the spot. This solar eclipse in Scorpio will challenge you to get honest about how you can change for the better. 

Then, take a step back to collect yourself on Oct. 30, as action-oriented Mars stations retrograde in expressive Gemini. When the red planet moves in reverse, his power is deflated and our energy tends to wane; it can take more time to build ourselves up, launch new projects and get motivated to work out. Since Mars rules our strong emotions, it will also be important to take things slow and be extra conscious of our actions during this period — angry outbursts will do more harm than good. 

With the arrival of the total lunar eclipse in security-loving Taurus on Nov. 8, we'll be called to listen to our emotions as they reveal what is no longer serving us. Lunar eclipses can bring about the ending of a pattern, relationship or situation that no longer holds relevance in our world. We'll need to make space for the things we want to welcome into our lives. 

When bountiful Jupiter stations direct in psychic Pisces on Nov. 23, we'll be encouraged to express our creative desires. This transit will also help us enjoy a romantic outlook on life — the lucky planet is dignified in Pisces, which magnifies its powers of abundance. (Unlike other planets' retrogrades, Jupiter's provides a chance to explore missed opportunities and celebrate our wins. So be sure to make the most of this helpful energy until Jupiter begins moving forward again.)

Finally, we'll re-enter a fantasy world of our own making on Dec. 3, when dreamy Neptune stations direct in sensitive Pisces. A renewed spirit of generosity, compassion and empathy is shared by all when Neptune inhabits this mutable water sign. Like Jupiter, Neptune is also dignified in psychic Pisces, emboldening our spiritual sides. This will be a time to focus on searching for deeper meaning. 


Success may be closer than you think, Aries. If you've been striving to create new rules and structures to support your work, you could be rewarded when strict Saturn — your career planet — stations direct in independent Aquarius on Oct. 22 or 23. 

On Oct. 25, the solar eclipse in determined Scorpio will see your creative sun meeting your domestic-ruling moon. This could be an opportunity for you to apply your quick mind to find new ways to attain stability and take control of your circumstances. 

You may feel your energy being sapped when ruling Mars goes retrograde in Gemini on Oct. 30. Scale back your efforts to match your mood, and pay attention to which wellness practices drain you and which ones help uplift your spirit during this period. You'll be ready to bounce back when the red planet continues forward in the new year. 

Then, get ready to clear out any emotional baggage on Nov. 8, as the lunar eclipse in stable Taurus will allow you to cut ties with anything — or anyone — that is preventing you from achieving your goals. 


It's time to show up for those you love, Taurus. You may feel extra fired up to pursue your romantic agenda when Pluto resumes direct motion on Oct. 8. If you're single, you'll be ready to go after someone who sets your heart aflame. Partnered? You could be inspired to open up about your deepest desires.

On Oct. 25, the solar eclipse will usher in further developments in your relationships. As your home-and-family-ruling sun joins your emotion-ruling moon, you'll get a chance to start fresh with the people who matter most, so think carefully about how you want to expand your bonds. 

When spiritual-ruling Mars stations retrograde in intellectual Gemini on Oct. 30, you may find that it's more difficult for you to connect with your inner voice or feel like it's time to explore different facets of your belief system. Instead of pushing yourself to find a connection, try to quiet your thoughts so you can reconnect with your physical being. 

Finally, Nov. 8's lunar eclipse in warm-hearted Taurus will help to expose any damaging behaviours in your relationships. Pay attention to the feelings your domestic-ruling sun stirs up as it opposes your deep-feeling moon, magnifying inconsistencies between you and the people you love.


How well have you been taking care of yourself, Gemini? When a solar eclipse in tenacious Scorpio arrives on Oct. 25, the ego-minded sun will meet up with your value-ruling moon, encouraging you to be thoughtful about your next moves and put yourself first. 

Nov. 8's lunar eclipse in stable Taurus will help you clear time-sucking tasks from your schedule. Think of any resentments you might be holding on to — you can use this eclipse to reclaim your time and energy.

You'll be able to see the bigger picture when Jupiter, your love-ruler, stations direct in Pisces on Nov. 23. If you're single, this could be a beautiful time to get back into the dating world. If you're attached, this transit can help to strengthen your connection by reinviting playfulness into your relationship. 

If you've adopted a sober view of your work since career-ruling Neptune turned retrograde back in June, you'll be able to push forward in your professional world when he stations direct on Dec. 3. Just be sure to hold on to any gems of truth you gleaned over the past few months as you dive back into an exciting array of possibilities.


You've learned a thing or two about relationships lately, Cancer. Since June 4, Saturn, your romance-ruling planet, has compelled you to take the reins. When he stations direct in analytical Aquarius on Oct. 23, matters of the heart will become much easier to navigate. Whether single or attached, you'll feel ready to give people space and enjoy more personal freedom, too. 

The solar eclipse in Scorpio could hold some exciting shake-ups when it arrives on Oct. 25, offering you a fresh shot at pursuing your heart's desire. If you take the chance to manifest your goals, it could create magic in this area of your life. 

On Oct. 30, Mars, your career-ruler, will begin one of his rare retrogrades, realigning your professional goals and habits. If you can take a few hints from the universe during this transit, you'll be able to incorporate potent new strategies to prevent burnout and keep your mood regulated. 

Finally, November's lunar eclipse could reveal some harsh truths as your financial-ruling sun opposes your friendship-ruling moon. To avoid a nasty wake-up call, be honest with yourself about your ability to maintain a certain kind of lifestyle. You must become aware of how to restore balance — or else balance will restore itself. 


Your financial mindset is constantly evolving, Leo. And when Mercury, your money-ruling planet, stations direct in exacting Virgo on Oct. 2, you could learn some lessons about growing your wealth. Avoid making investments and signing important documents before Oct. 16, however. It's better to be safe than sorry as the messenger planet concludes his shadow period in materialistic Libra. 

As Saturn, your health-and-work-ruling planet, ends his retrograde on Oct. 22 or 23, he'll help you to make use of the tools you developed to take care of your body, mind and spirit while he was moving in reverse. Finding your stride could take time, but with practice, you'll be able to adopt a new wellness routine that works wonders. 

If you've been looking to create more harmony in your space, you'll have an extraordinary moment to do so during the solar eclipse in determined Scorpio on Oct. 25. Set an intention to move toward goals that will bring you support and love.

Then, prepare yourself for sticky situations involving your responsibilities during the Nov. 8 lunar eclipse in security-loving Taurus, when your ruling sun will oppose your emotion-ruling moon. Be ready to say goodbye to whatever exits your life that no longer serves a purpose.


You make adjusting to change look easy, Virgo — but that's because you're well-versed in switching up your skill set. When Mercury, your career and ruling planet, begins moving forward on Oct. 2, you'll be able to continue improving yourself. Just wait to move on any professional goals until Mercury completes his post-retrograde shadow period on Oct. 16.

You'll be able to enjoy a little relaxation as your pleasure planet, Saturn, stations direct in easy-going Aquarius on Oct. 22 or 23. So kick your feet up as the planet of organization, time and structure resumes forward motion. Saturn is here to enforce the rules — a comfort you rely on. 

On Oct. 25, the solar eclipse in Scorpio will encourage you to consider how you'd like to improve your interactions. Muse over what you'd like to change, and make a wish that you can work toward manifesting. 

Then, during the lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 8, you'll be asked to clear space to make room for new ways of thinking. You may need to adjust your opinions or let go of an old school of thought to truly move forward. 


It's time to run the numbers, Libra. If financial matters have been giving you anxiety of late, you'll be able to take back control when money-ruling Pluto stations direct in realistic Capricorn on Oct. 8. Remember: you have the skills and intuition to create the abundance you seek. 

The solar eclipse in perceptive Scorpio on Oct. 25 will provide you with another opportunity to manifest your desires. Use this day to reflect on how you might feel without the stress of financial worry. Then, take steps toward making it your reality. 

As love-ruling Mars stations retrograde in superficial Gemini on Oct. 30, your passionate heart may start to run a little colder, and you could find it more difficult to summon your charms or raise your libido. The good news is that you'll be able to come out on the other side with a new spark growing when Mars stations direct in Jan. 2023. 

The lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 8 will help you gain a better understanding of your wealth, unveiling some crucial factors that could be holding you back. Take time to investigate your credit statements, debts and loans so you can create an action plan that allows you to achieve your goals. 


Have you felt deflated lately, Scorpio? Paying close attention to your dreams and desires can help you refuel — especially when Pluto, your ruling planet, stations direct on Oct. 8. Continue to embrace an introspective attitude during this transit, as it can help you to heal emotional wounds. 

During the solar eclipse in enthusiastic Scorpio on Oct. 25, a magical moment awaits. Your career-ruling sun and emotion-ruling moon will link up, offering you a chance to turn your wildest dreams into reality. Strategize your next moves with passion and intention.

When your routine ruler, Mars, stations retrograde in adaptable Gemini on Oct. 30, you may need a bit of a reset. If you feel more lethargic under this influence, be sure not to push yourself too hard in order to avoid burnout.

Realizations could surface around Nov. 8 with the lunar eclipse in dependable Taurus. As your career-ruling sun opposes your emotion-ruling moon, it's a good time to notice imbalances — and do something about them. Otherwise, the karmic nature of the eclipses might just do it for you.


Your tenacity is inspiring, Sagittarius. You've made positive steps toward creating a healthier financial future, even if you've had to learn some important lessons about money management of late. Keeping this mindset of perseverance will be key to reaching your goals when money-ruling Saturn stations direct in forward-thinking Aquarius on Oct. 23.

Then, the solar eclipse on Oct. 25 will open doors deep within your mind. As the ego-ruling sun and emotion-ruling moon meet up, you'll have a golden moment to create your vision of an ideal future. Work on resolving past hurts to make room for uplifting feelings. 

When the identity-ruling sun faces off against the deep-feeling moon during the lunar eclipse on Nov. 8, you'll be challenged to reduce your to-do list in favour of better supporting your spirit. Something has to come off your plate for you to blossom.

Then, when your domestic-ruling planet, Neptune, stations direct in creative Pisces on Dec. 3, you'll be inspired to dream big and conceptualize beautiful ideas for your home. 


Are you ready to get back into your groove, Capricorn? When Mercury stations direct in meticulous Virgo on Oct. 2, you'll begin to iron out any kinks in your routine. But while things get more manageable, you'll want to stay alert for schedule snafus and miscommunications until Oct. 16, when Mercury completes his post-retrograde shadow.

If you've been struggling to set new goals or take a more active approach to your social life, you'll be in a prime position to manifest success on Oct. 25's solar eclipse in strategic Scorpio. As your identity-ruling sun meets with your love-ruling moon, set an intention to nurture your relationships. 

On Nov. 8, the lunar eclipse will reveal any inconsistencies in your grand plans for success. As the sun opposes your love-ruling moon, you'll be charged with making a decision that helps you become a stronger, more loving person. 

Then, when Neptune — your communication planet — stations direct in imaginative Pisces on Dec. 3, your language will become more expressive and fun. Before this direct motion, you probably spoke without flourish, ready to get to the point. Take this time to let people see both your softer side and your wicked sense of humour. 


Are you considering a significant career change, Aquarius? You could be on the verge of a new venture on Oct. 8, when Pluto, your career-ruling planet, stations direct in responsible Capricorn, asking you to reclaim your power. If you're not prepared to go it alone just yet, you may be inspired to stand up for your worth and ask for a raise or promotion. 

When the solar eclipse arrives on Oct. 25, your love-ruling sun and routine-ruling moon will be working together to create a brighter future. Write down a goal for your work and place it somewhere within view to help maintain a mindset of success. 

The lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 8 will help to uncover what no longer serves you. To pinpoint this, look to your love-ruling sun and your routine-ruling moon to see what needs to be adjusted. 

While Neptune, your money planet, has been moving in reverse, you've had the chance to understand your finances quite clearly. When Neptune stations direct on Dec. 3, you'll be ready to have fun with your funds again. If you can hold on to the lessons the retrograde taught you about managing your cash, you'll be in the clear. 


Are there too many things filling your mind, Pisces? Use your natural intuition to narrow your focus during the solar eclipse in intelligent Scorpio on Oct. 25. Your health-and-work-ruling sun and your creative-ruling moon are set to link up — an ideal moment for you to make an intention with impact.

You may find yourself out of financial whack starting Oct. 30, when Mars — your money planet — stations retrograde. On the one hand, you may feel above material pleasures. On the other, you may find yourself coveting things well out of your budget. In the latter case, take a breath — it's all about finding balance. Practice saving until Jan. 2023, when Mars completes his retrograde, and you'll have a tidy little nest egg. 

The lunar eclipse that arrives on Nov. 8 could be vital in isolating the disconnect between how you learn and how you speak. Your health-and-work-ruling sun opposes your creative moon, revealing what's hindering your ability to absorb information. Pay attention to the signs that will enhance your thinking and help you move forward.

On Dec. 3, your ruling planet, Neptune, stations direct in imaginative Pisces, allowing you to dive into your fantasy world. You'll be ready to search for your place in the collective and apply your generous spirit to help others out. Just remember to keep your feet on solid ground and not to let anyone take advantage of your gentle heart. 

Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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