Your special Fall Equinox 2020 horoscope is here

New horizons are coming into view, plus you’ll be filled with the gusto to get things done, big and small.

New horizons are coming into view, plus you’ll be filled with the gusto to get things done, big and small

From our geocentric point of view, the Sun's journey around Earth reaches the fourth quarter with the Fall Equinox, on Tuesday, September 22, when the Sun enters Libra. Day equals night in length. The notion of balance always comes up with Libra. The Scales of Justice are level and parallel to the ground. 

This will be a time when the gates to your castle open and the drawbridge lowers over the moat. Mount your horse and trot out into the world. New horizons are coming into view. Create the world of your dreams. Connect with the benevolent source of this Universe and you will be invincible. 

Three big and powerful New Moon supermoons occur around this time. The first one was an earthy Virgo New Moon on September 17. The next two are an airy Libra New Moon on October 16 followed by a watery Scorpio New Moon on November 15. December's New Moon in fiery Sagittarius is not a supermoon, but it will be just as potent. The emphasis now is on health, nutrition and friendship. Eat well, make sure you get plenty of sleep, take good care.

Mars entered its once-in-two-year retrograde cycle on September 9. This will last until November 14. The planet of power will be in the action-sign of Aries for this entire period. Mars is the Hercules of the solar system. He'll wake you up in the morning and get you rocking. It will fill you with vigor and vitality. You'll find the gusto to do your jobs and tasks, big and small.  

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will take place on December 21 right on the Winter Solstice. These conjunctions take place once every 20 years, but this one stands out as a supremely special one. Over the past two hundred years they have met in mostly material earth signs. The December 21 conjunction will take place in the air sign of Aquarius and marks a new 200 year cycle of conjunctions in air signs, where thought and philosophy take precedence over the accumulation of wealth. 

This next quarter will be an extra special one filled with positive potential. The future is created with your thoughts. So, make it a good one!

Here is your Fall Equinox horoscope:


If there is something you've been longing to know, your eyes will soon be opened wide. If you are unsure of your direction in life, you will soon see new options and possibilities. It might mean letting go of some old ideas and/or discarding all that has been taken entirely for granted. You are going to be shown a way to approach an old problem from a different angle. Things have been stuck in the rut for too long. The Fall Equinox is opening the gates. You deserve more excitement, more adventure. You also deserve a greater sense of financial stability. More you will get. The key is to be bold and to follow your heart's lead. 


The next three months are a special time for you. The Fall Equinox offers you an unparalleled opportunity to change the course of your destiny. You may well have a chance, but will you recognize and seize it... Be alert. Keep your head above the fray. Look into the distance. The Universe really cares about you. A sweet sensation of progress is about to inspire you. This is the start of a fruitful phase during which you can expect to get many gains. The best of these will involve victories in areas of life where you have long been battling against the odds. Your request for help and support will be answered. 


You're trying to get a clear picture of the truth. It concerns a crucial issue that requires your honest and forthright input. Don't let anything get to you, especially now when the Fall Equinox indicates that your celestial outlook is dazzling. It doesn't, of course, mean that you will get everything you want, but it does infer that you will achieve some of your most cherished objectives. To maximize your chance of success, you must have a clear understanding of what your heart of hearts wants. Your quest for truth will deliver an experience of exceptional happiness. 


Some problems are perennial. They keep coming back to haunt you. You, though, have the ability to take in your stride what others find inordinately difficult to deal with. Remind yourself of all that is good in your life. The influence of the Fall Equinox is calling on you to focus on what is going well. Dwelling on the positive will minimize the power of your hassles. It will lighten your mood and attract the wish-granting pixies. A most favourable shift in your fortunes is unfolding. New and exciting opportunities will soon start knocking on your door. Keep up your positive expectations.  


Your ability to face up to challenges is admirable. You always bounce back with the sheer force of your mighty willpower. You are now entering a wonderful new chapter in your life where you will be better off in every way. Your financial prospects are quite encouraging, and you are well placed romantically too. It's important that you know this lest your mood take a dour turn by dwelling on the past. Erase the past and look happily to your future. You'll hardly be able to believe a certain development when it comes. The Fall Equinox is leading you to something exceptionally wonderful. 


No matter how hard we try to square circles and right wrong, we always seem to find ourselves somehow struggling. But wait — you have a special talent for solving problems. The Fall Equinox is nicely placed in your favour. The message from the Universe now is that you can sort out all that is needed for improvement. You've made mistakes, that's true, but don't be ashamed. Be proud of them. They are your medals of achievement. Mistakes are an opportunity for us to learn something important; as you absorb the lessons, mistakes become blessings. Keep your expectations reasonable, but you now have good reason to let your hopes soar. 


There is so much on your plate. You are bearing the weight of heavy responsibilities. The remedy it seems is to shake off a certain commitment. You will, no doubt, be quite pleased to be free of it. The Fall Equinox will lead the way to an opportunity that will bring a most heart-warming and gratifying result. Your true creative source will make a momentous rise from obscurity and demand your attention. You'll be amazed at how much more fulfilling life becomes. If something is not working, be glad. You now have a great excuse to stop doing that and to do something that is much more appropriate.


Please be reassured. The next three months are going to be fine. There is a way to see what's what and why certain things are as they are. The Fall Equinox will lead to an epiphany when you recognize that you are carrying a responsibility that is surplus to requirements — carry it no longer. It's been causing you to suffer from an acute shortage of time. There is a way to free yourself of this extra weight. A redundant burden will be cast off. You will succeed at slowing down the pace of life and easing the pressure. And don't worry, it won't require a difficult decision. It will come to pass with effortless ease. 


Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, the chicken, of course. Hmm, or is it the egg? There always seem to be more questions in life than answers. But that is how it should be. Questions open doors. They lead to opportunities. They make us inquisitive. They keep us searching. The Fall Equinox will get you asking a lot of questions. You'll find the revelation you are looking for, and, you will be blessed with the clarity that will lead to a successful conclusion to a long-standing problem. It'll make you feel more in control and more secure within yourself. 


The Fall Equinox will lead to a change of significant proportions that will alter your entire situation. It will in fact be more of a transformation. One thing is for sure, it will be a change that is indisputably for the better. No longer will you be swimming against the tide. You will gain a greater sense of confidence. As events around you begin to back up your hunches and confirm your judgments, you will have reason to feel less anxious, and more optimistic. Complacency is the enemy of innovation. Being on edge fuels the spirit of innovation. So, embrace change, it's good for you. 


You never know what you are capable of until you jump in and try. When we consider what you've learned over the course of the summer, there is reason to feel good about yourself. Experience has taught you much. You've made a load of sacrifices and compromises. All were essential and necessary. You've moved on. Now, the Fall Equinox will open a chapter in your life when you pledge loyalty to your own needs and requirements. Happily, you are blessed with a natural ability to adapt and innovate. You are taking the right approach in your search for happiness. Success awaits you. 


Being a little nervous is fine as long as the stress doesn't turn into something chronic. Stress can be an ingredient in achieving success. When handled wisely, it galvanizes you into action by firing up your will to win. So, don't worry about feeling a bit on edge. The petty problems that plague you today will become distant memories. The Fall Equinox will guide you toward ways of managing conflicts, worries, troubles, heartaches and more woes. Something in your head and heart is changing in a most profound way. You now have an exceptional chance to reach a dream. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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