Your special 2019 year-ahead horoscope: Jupiter leads the way to a year of adventure and fulfillment

The stars help us translate the unconscious messages we are receiving from our inner selves.

The stars help us translate the unconscious messages we are receiving from our inner selves.

Here we are again on the threshold of a new year. As we peer into the future with wonderment, we cast our eyes to the stars hoping conditions will favour fulfilment and happiness. Looking inward, the power of meditation cannot be underestimated. It's your connection to the source that guides you. It is within you and it holds you safely, wrapping its protective arms around you. You are enveloped in a cocoon of safety and love. The stars help us translate the unconscious messages we are receiving from our inner selves.

All the planets have retrograde cycles when they appear to move backwards. A crucial one we need to work with is the Mercury retrograde. He is the Master of Strategy and was know as Hermes in ancient Greece. His retrograde cycle takes place once every 4 months. It will occur three times in 2019. The first is from March 5 to March 28. The second is from July 7 to August 1 and the last one will run from October 31 to November 20. Mark these dates in your calendar. These are transitional periods of time where you can make corrections in your strategies and receive unexpected opportunities. Mercury is your representative – your personal strategist.

Jupiter, aka Zeus, is the Great Benefactor. His influence brings wisdom, self-understanding and adventure. He will spend nearly all of 2019 in the action-sign of Sagittarius. You'll be feeling a passionate drive to achieve dreams you've kept on the back-burner because of worldly responsibilities. Jupiter's retrograde cycle will run for four months from April 10 to August 11. What you are chasing after now as 2019 gets underway will reach an important point with Jupiter's retrograde.

At that time, you will see your goal off in the distance like a shimmering mirage. That will be a crucial time for you. For the next four months you'll be making preparations and building the ground work of an opportunity that will take off after early August. You'll find that Jupiter is high-lighted in your year ahead horoscope. Why? It's because Jupiter is the captain of your spaceship. He's leading you to exotic parts unknown.

In his journey this year, he will form a dynamic connection to the planet of compassion and spirituality i.e. Neptune. Watch how your intuition blossoms this year. Your third eye will see through the obfuscation of the physical world. The feminine principle that rules right-brain consciousness of creativity and imagination is rising. Get ready for a wonderful ride of adventure and the growth of your ability to carve out the future of your dreams.

Here is your personal horoscope for the Year 2019.


Jupiter's influence in 2019 will help you process, organize and wisely apply your penetrating observations. You'll see the big picture rather than getting caught up in the minutiae. Your sagacious insights will cut through muddled and confused situations and reveal the truth. As a result, an answer you have been seeking so passionately will finally come. You'll realize that it's been sitting in front of you all along. No matter how hemmed in you may currently feel, you will soon be blessed with the ability to move in all the directions of the compass.


Your attempt to resolve a complex dilemma will be accomplished in 2019. Jupiter's expansive energy will set big plans in motion that will bring a breakthrough in dealing with an obdurate narrow-minded person. Jupiter is rallying to your cause. He will inspire you with a brilliant modus operandi to crack this nut. Remember, cultivating a sense of humour is vital in dealing with irritating issues. A brilliant way to square a circle is just waiting to be discovered. Your frustration will turn to relief and joy as impeccable insights turn you into the master of your destiny.  


Remarkable and exciting possibilities are within reach. Certain blocks and obstacles have been plaguing you will be overcome. You'll discover a new-found ability to sidestep problems at every turn. There will be times, of course, when you feel thwarted and wonder if the Universe has turned against you. Jupiter, though, will help you develop the ability to flow with changes as they arise. And as your confidence grows, you will develop the skill to turn adversity into opportunity. You will be amazed by the depth and breadth of your good fortune.


One's intrinsic talents and determination can often transcend any sort of barrier. Jupiter is guiding you toward accomplishing something breathtakingly bold and exciting. Your self-confidence will grow as you become aware of your innate talents and abilities. You have begun a climb to the height of your inner wisdom whence you will view events in your life with clarity. You will become a beacon of hope that others flock too.


Looking into the future gets more complicated the more you think about it. You are being pulled in so many different directions. That, of course, is just an indication of how talented you are. There is so much you can achieve. You've only scratched the surface. The details surrounding a certain convoluted predicament are intricate and complex. All things must pass. And pass they will. Jupiter is initiating an enlightening process of self-discovery that will change your life forever and for the better. You will find the wisdom and the inspiration to make the right moves and at the right times.


Challenging developments have called into question certain cherished dreams and aspirations, but the aggravation they are causing you is good. They are sparking you into taking action. They are making you grow. Jupiter's influence in 2019 will urge you to exceed self-imposed limitations. See yourself as the newest state of the art jet that shoots from A to B at the speed of light. You will have a chance to choose from options that were once considered distant dreams. A wide avenue is opening up and leading you toward financial and emotional fulfilment.


Jupiter has reached a dynamic trigger point in the sky. You will work out an ingenious plan that will vault you past a stubborn impasse. A path of least resistance will appear before you. You will escape scenarios that caught you off-guard or dramas you felt unprepared for. Inspired ideas always seem to come too late. So often, you've looked in retrospect and thought, if only I knew then what I know now. This year, epiphanies will strike with lightning speed. You'll be able to act on instantly and stay ahead of the curve.


With a little more bravado and courage, there is no telling where this new year will take you. An auspicious sequence of events will offer you a chance to take hold of destiny and discover a jewel within your being. Your talents are many. You'll be surprised with what you discover. Jupiter will set a positive process in motion. An unexpected social contact will help you get to where you need to be and getting there will prove easier that you think. If you approach this year with the right attitude, it will prove to be one of the more fulfilling and enjoyable years of your life.


Considering all the uncertainty you've had to live through, you'll be most appreciative of the emotional stability that will bless you in the coming year. Jupiter will show you how to find the silver lining in all the clouds that loom on the horizon. You'll see clearly how to avoid relationships that currently take a lot from you yet give little back. As long as you continue your search for truth, you will find the answers you seek, and they will turn out to be remarkably reliable. Give it all you've got and don't stop till you get to where you need to be.


Sometimes we can be overly suspicious of what other people are up to. Their motives and intentions cause us to worry. Jupiter, in this year ahead, will fill you with passion and optimism. You'll be so preoccupied in pursuing your dream, that you won't have time to worry about anyone's critical remarks. Instead, you'll be cheered on by fans wishing you well. Not every moment is going to be easy, but you will have the power and energy to turn menacing shadows into angels. You'll be astonished at how much control you have over events that greet you along the way.


Jupiter brings expansion and growth, much in the way that warmth makes bread dough rise. In this year ahead, Jupiter will be well place to nurture the fulfilment of your true calling. The rigours of survival in a harsh material world have forced you to put your heart's path to the side. But now, under Jupiter's tutelage, you will begin the process of making a special dream come true. By focusing on positive thoughts, you will protect yourself against all things negative. The seeds of a new world have been sown. Soon, these seeds will burgeon into a colourful display of flowers.


In this great year ahead, the Universe will generously reimburse you for all the help you've offered people in your world. You're a dedicated person. Once you have given an undertaking, you will stick to it through thick and thin. Jupiter has taken note of your perseverance. A feeling of warmth and optimism will permeate your being. Keep your expectations hopeful. As the months unfold, you'll develop a clear picture of where to direct your energy. Here comes one of the most liberating and potentially, one of the most enjoyable years of your life.


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