Your horoscope for the week ahead: Your relationships are up for appraisal

So begins the prep for another Mercury retrograde.

So begins the prep for another Mercury retrograde.

This week will deliver a powerful astrological shift. Venus, known as Aphrodite in ancient Greece, ends her 6-week retrograde phase in Scorpio on Thursday. For some, it's been a hugely positive time of opportunities falling into their laps; for others it may have brought a look into the abyss. Venus' backward journey in the powerful sign of Scorpio has dredged up old forgotten feelings – some happy, some toxic, some poignantly nostalgic. Your relationships to people and the world around you have come up for incisive scrutiny and appraisal.

Venus' backward trek through Scorpio has backed up into Libra, Scales of Justice. Libra is facilitating a fair and balanced view of all that you've encountered within the fathomless depths of your unconscious. It's a dark place down there, but Venus has been your torch lighting up the opaque corners.

No sooner does Venus return to direction motion, but Mercury aka Hermes, a few hours later, begins his once-in-four-month retrograde cycle. His backward trek will last about three weeks. It begins in the action-sign of Sagittarius and backs up into Scorpio in early December. You'll notice glitches in technology, travel, transportation and communications. Bear with it. When you're positive, Mercury retrograde will deliver golden opportunities out of the blue.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, November 12, 2018.


You've had your share of problems over the years, but it's all being put into proper perspective due to the cathartic process brought on by the Venus retrograde. You've been purged of toxic memories and feelings. With Venus returning to direction motion this week, you'll adopt a much brighter and optimistic world view. You are destined to achieve great things as long as you don't underestimate the full scope of your abilities and your connection to the benevolent forces of this Universe.   


Venus retrograde has brought you no end of perspicacious insights into your shortcomings. You've been guided to stand up for your own needs and confidently express your thoughts and feelings. As Venus returns to direction motion this week you will understand how to fix whatever ails you. Inspiring ideas and strategies will spring up out of your well of creativity. You'll be amazed with your ability to improvise and adapt as you steer your life towards the pinnacle of your dreams. Good things are happening and they're going to get even better. Just you wait and see


An unwarranted amount of anxiety during the Venus retrograde cycle was fed by your propensity to worry. As Venus returns to direct motion, you will realize that your strength and determination has grown. Get ready to experience a badass kind of mood, spiked with punchy courage. You can conquer any problem. Don't let problems bully you. You're the boss. Nothing can prevent you from achieving success with the kind of star power you have backing you up. Encouraging developments are already taking place right under your nose and they're going to get even better.  


The sharp vicissitudes of fortune have a way of knocking the stuffing out of our hopes and dreams. The Venus retrograde has taught you how it's s all to test your mettle and your ability to rise up to challenges with courage and alacrity. A determined and wilful attitude is essential. Yes, you've been through a lot in the past, but Venus' return to direct motion this week is leading you into the golden hue of the dawn light. The stars are offering all the support you need plus more. They will guide you every step along the way. A bold and courageous heart is your guarantee of success. And it's a success that you deserve.  


All the signs, symbols and ciphers herald a highly energized and star-spangled shift as Venus returns to direct motion. A great benevolent force is lifting you out of the doldrums and into a world of adventure and excitement. Venus in recent weeks has taken you on a revealing tour of your inner world. Your difficulties have taught you much. You have gained the sagacity of a sage. It's all happening with the express purpose of emancipating you from an old oppressive lifestyle.


In Greek mythology, there is a story about Sisyphus pushing a big rock up a hill only to have it roll back down over and over again. Venus over the past few weeks has brought a series of epiphanies that have led you to understand that your setbacks were carefully designed exercises by the guiding benevolent source of our Universe to teach you valuable lessons. Venus' return to direct motion this week signals that the tide is turning in your favour. An auspicious sky will grant your wishes. You will get that rock up to the top of hill. You will reach the pinnacle of your dreams.  


With Venus returning to direct motion this week, you will sense that success is approaching in regard to a gallant mission you are pursuing. You are on course to reach a very special goal. Any thoughts of abandoning this mission after all the effort that's been expended should be put to rest. Remain focused. Venus has been diligently guiding you. You are moving in the right direction even if you feel progress has been slow. Quite the contrary, you are fast-tracking to success. Having plumbed the depths of darkness, you will make it out into the brilliant nurturing light of the Sun.  


Venus returning to direct motion will move you into the fast line. A long stretch of introspection is coming come to an end. It will be replaced by a desire to take action and get the show on the road. An uptick in personal power will turn you into a tornado of energy. No longer will your worries cast a long dark shadow. What once filled you with trepidation will become easy to handle. You'll wonder why you ever worried about such minor issues. Little by little, you'll notice a positive transformative shift in your mood and mental outlook


Unpleasant memories have a way of dominating our thought stream. Some people are experts at keeping past negative experiences alive and kicking for many years after the event. More than often these negative events get passed on like batons from generation to generation. With Venus going direct this week, you will break out of a mental and emotional dungeon. There is a sense of a fresh start that will heal all the pains of the past. This week will bring delightful developments.


You're in line to get a little taste of utopia once Venus returns to direction motion. A friendly sky is keeping a sharp eye on you and working its magic to your benefit. It is imperative to bat away fear. Be prepared to for the exhilaration you will feel when a dormant tour de force within you gets activated. A positive agenda is being planned for you. Promising developments are already underway beneath the surface of your awareness. Believe it or not – and you might as well believe it, because it's true – a benevolent Universe really does care about you.


Some of your greatest aspirations have lain fallow for long enough. The celestial timekeeping system indicates that an old dream will come to life. Prepare for blast off. A magnificent new chapter in the dramatic saga of your life has just begun. A fresh breeze of innovation is rejuvenating your ambitions. Disillusionment will give way to joy and excitement. An inner source of strength is empowering your cause and leading you through the gates of an astonishing personal transformation.  


The Venus retrograde made you aware of your proclivity for self-deprecation. With Venus returning to direct motion, this week, you are ready to break out of your limitations and explore the infinite. A special dream is clearly within your scope of possibilities. You will tap into a glittering vein of gold in your creative core. You have talents yet to be discovered. This process of self-discovery will rouse your intuition, increase your confidence and lead to the realization of a sacred mission you must accomplish.  


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