Your horoscope for the week ahead: You'll need a bit of quiet time to slow down the high energy pace

Midweek brings a surge of proactive energy — but use it wisely.

Midweek brings a surge of proactive energy — but use it wisely

Monday's First Quarter Moon will continue the surge of energy that came with last week's New Moon. Do be sure to get enough down time away from the busy world in order to connect with your inner compass. The Moon is magnifying the power of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. It's a high-octane mix that needs to be regulated with contemplation and silence. Give yourself a workout to burn off any anxiety that might be accumulating. 

The Moon's shift into Sagittarius on Wednesday brings still more proactive energy. Use it wisely — especially as Monday's Mars square Mercury might accentuate your impatience. It will all work to your advantage if you keep your emotional intensity to a manageable level. If you have been feeling listless and tired, this week will give you just the tonic you need to get things moving. 

Mercury, aka Hermes, is picking up speed in forward motion as he heads out to the far side of the Sun. Get your mind off your woes and think about Mercury instead. He is finding opportunities for you. You'll soon start to understand that there's no limit to what you can achieve. Mercury will teach you that your potential is as infinite as the Universe.

For more inspiration look to the southeast after 10 p.m. and you'll see the inspiring light of Jupiter shining brightly. You may think it's a plane coming in for landing. A short distance to the left you'll see the dimmer, yellowish light of Saturn. They will move across the dome of the sky throughout the night. These two mythological giants will meet up on the same degree in Aquarius on December 21, right on the Winter Solstice. A major astrological shift is in progress. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, July 27, 2020.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with being sensible and practical. Dreaming is good, of course, but you also need to be grounded, if you are to make your heartfelt vision materialize. Your heart is full of passion. This is giving you a strong connection to the invisible source of luck and magic. Listen to your intuition, trust your imagination and you will connect with that inner fathomless source of power. The First Quarter Moon will instruct you on all you are trying to understand. You need sensible answers to pressing questions. You will get them this week. Try not to be too impatient. 


It's good to be in a relaxed state of mind, but too much tranquillity can lead to complacency and indolence. That's not good for anyone. The Universe is sending you challenges to fire up your instincts and help you fulfil your true destiny. And now you are now going through a shift into good times. The First Quarter Moon will make it clear that your life is on an upswing. There is every good reason to feel hopeful or even jubilant as you await the future to arrive. Some stunningly pleasant surprises are in store.    


What seems like a problem is actually an opportunity. Apparent truths are coming to your attention. It is more important than ever to reaffirm your faith in yourself and your dreams. Making progress has been tough but don't let that put you off. Do not underestimate your power to make miracles happen. It's crucial to not let anything or anyone spoil your optimism. The First Quarter Moon will make it apparent that there is always a way around any obstacle, no matter how dire things might seem. Focus on the good that you have and the Universe will deliver more of it.  


We all need a period of calm in our lives when we get some rest. Everyone is in a hurry. They need to learn to restrain themselves. Slow things down a little and you'll notice that in one key area of your life you are moving from a state of ignorance to a state of enlightenment. You may feel less than blissful about this at the moment, but the First Quarter Moon will bring the realization that you are far better off than you realize. As the pressure eases up, you will be cheered up by a sense of freedom that will clear away an encumbrance and introduce a special sense of peace and satisfaction. 


We are encouraged to be decisive. Yet sometimes, there are disadvantages to such certainty. As a result, some people act with conviction and speak with total authority in areas where they don't know as much as they think they do. You are having a hard time seeing eye to eye with someone exhibiting these traits. It's not in your nature to suffer fools gladly, but the First Quarter Moon will help you approach this situation with humour rather than letting irritability get the upper hand. You will lead the way in finding an intelligent way to make progress.


Some people lower their expectations in order to avoid the disappointment of not reaching their goals. This is not your way of doing things. People may be giving you their unsolicited advice on how to live your life, but these people find it easier to criticize others rather than to acknowledge their own mistakes. It is not arrogant of you to nurture lofty standards of achievement. A bold heart will work to your favour and will lead to a favourable turn of events. The First Quarter Moon will deliver the power and energy you need to complete the task you are grappling with now. You will rise to the challenge and handle it with adept ease. 


Survival in this world requires us to be tough, which doesn't mean nasty. We need to be impervious to the harsh realities of life yet remain sensitive to the hearts of others. Your sense of optimism will always serve you well even if it's hanging by a slender string. You have been waiting a long time for progress in a key area of life. Do not ever lose your sense of humour or hope. The First Quarter Moon will convince you that a friendly sky is guiding you to victory. It's only a matter of time before your misgivings are cleared away. If you get a feeling that all is going to work out well — you are correct. 


It's pretty near impossible to rescind deeds once they have been executed, but not always. In your case there is a way to put things right. Mistakes happen in order for us to learn something important. As you take in the lesson, the mistake in question will end up being a blessing. By maintaining a positive attitude, mistakes end up being the best thing that ever happened. Your experience has made you more worldly wise. The waxing energy of the First Quarter Moon will ease your self-doubt and sweep you up into a state of well-being. This is a perfect opportunity to make a break with the past and move into a future brimming with happiness. 


The First Quarter Moon is offering you an opportunity. There's something thoroughly promising about what the stars have in store for you. The key to carving out the future of your dreams is to maintain a determined attitude. That's how to make the most of a certain opportunity you are considering. People of influence will be charmed into giving you what you need. Be subtle, be sensitive, be sharp. Turn your attention away from old ways of doing things. There is something you now need to detect. Once you find it, you will begin to feel much better about a situation that has to change. 


It is often said that it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it. You are working very hard to achieve something of great value. The secret to success rests on keeping your thoughts off issues that stir up fear and anxiety. The First Quarter Moon is directing you to victory. The upturn may not necessarily solve every problem all at once, but it will, bit by bit, lift your heart with joy. Believe in the benevolent source that is guiding you and you will reach your dreams.  


Stress has its upside as long as it doesn't turn into chronic anxiety. Complacency on the other hand makes us rest on our oars when we should be rowing with determined gusto. A certain degree of stress is essential if we are to reach our dreams. It's the fuel that inspires our desire to succeed. The First Quarter Moon will galvanize you into action by firing up your spirits. So, it's okay to be a little neurotic. You are now doing something difficult but highly worthwhile. Give it your best shot. Even if you feel less than ecstatic, you are doing the right thing for the right reasons. And in time you will get the right results. 


You need to stop mulling the consequences of a particular decision from the past that went wrong or seemed to go wrong. It happened for a good reason. We all want to be experts or have experts advising us, but now and then we miss the mark. You made the best possible choice with the information you had and the conditions you faced at that time. The First Quarter Moon will make it clear that you are on the right track and that everything is working out just fine. There is a lot to be gained by the simple fact of being decisive. No prevarication allowed. Follow your heart's lead and go for it. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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