Your horoscope for the week ahead: We're on the cusp of epiphanies thanks to two major celestial events

Resist the pressure to rush into anything — you may move quickly but not in haste.

Resist the pressure to rush into anything — you may move quickly but not in haste


This week brings some major astrological epiphanies thanks to two major celestial events. Both will take place on Thursday, but their power will extend for weeks and months on either side. The first is the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The second involves Neptune. I'll investigate the Summer Solstice in a separate column which will be posted in the next few days. Stay tuned. It's going to be exciting.

So, let's look at Neptune which will start its annual 5-month retrograde cycle. Its importance cannot over-estimated. Neptune was known as Poseidon in ancient Greece. Poseidon was known as the earth-shaker because of his association with earthquakes. He is very powerful this week, especially with his volatile square alignment to Jupiter. If Neptune is in a critical area of your chart, you may be experiencing feelings of powerlessness. You may feel like you are a nobody, lost and unloved. That's not nice, but don't worry. There are ways of countering that energy. Never forget you are a special and unique soul. The world needs you.

On the positive side, you could be going through a spiritual awakening. Yoga, meditation, psychology and your connection to spiritual realm will be emphasized. The veil between the material and spiritual world will be thin. It could lead to some dazzling insights that will send tingles up your spine.

Monday kicks off the week with a fiery Full Moon in Sagittarius. Be mindful of not over-reaching and taking too many risks. Resist the pressure to rush into anything. Move quickly if you must, but not in haste.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 17, 2019.


You've come a long way. Yes, there's still a little way to go, but nothing can stop your momentum. Your heart has been following one agenda, but your head has been pulling you along another. Neptune's change of direction will impress upon you the importance of bringing your mind chatter under control. Your heart is the most powerful force; it has taken you a long way and you can expect that to keep going until the task is complete. Despite what seems so bleak, you are about to have your spirits lifted. Fix your gaze on your vision and pursue it relentlessly.


The sky is only too happy, whenever possible, to warn you of adverse celestial activities in advance. It's important to shore up any vulnerable areas of your life; Neptune's message to you is that there's no reason to anticipate failure or to face disappointment in an important undertaking. Despite the pressure, you will have more than enough stamina, strength and good luck to find the victory you so dearly desire and deserve. There's just one caveat: don't be so hard on yourself. Cut yourself some slack.


When disagreements and confrontations reach a flashpoint, they can flare up over trivial and insignificant issues. It's quite astonishing when this happens. All it takes is one person's insecurity to create pandemonium. There is an upside, though. Getting things out in the open releases a healing, cathartic process. And thanks to Neptune's change of direction this week, you will appreciate the powerful magic of a sense of humour. Laugh, and the world laughs with you. With your talent, you could seriously consider launching a career as a stand-up comic.


Listening to your worries and fears is cajoling you into adopting a negative interpretation of what was essentially a positive event. Indulging in the emotions of doubt and fear will only get in the way of you reaching an important goal. With an optimistic and confident viewpoint, you will gain a position of strength in an overwrought situation. Neptune's change of direction will enlighten you to a certain advantage that is at your disposal. Be courageous, because the stars bless those who have a strong vision of what they desire.


Do not be unduly pessimistic about your prospects concerning a certain matter. Your inner source of wisdom has your back. It is helping you make the right choices at a time when right choices must be made. The Neptune change of direction is going to help you see through a cloud of obfuscation. A clap of thunder and lightning will explode into your consciousness and enlighten your perception. You are a fast thinker and a powerful persuader. You may not always be right, but this time around you are on the right track. Celebrations are in store.


The pressure and stress associated with making a crucial decision is placing you under undue pressure. It's good to be in a hurry, but don't let it cause you anxiety. There is no need to move in haste. You don't want to turn a great new idea you're working on into an aggravating scenario. Neptune's change of direction indicates that it would be wise to reset the timeline of a major move. There is basically nothing to worry about. Everything is destined to fall into place quite naturally. A reassuring sense of peace and progress will settle in once you take the pressure off yourself.


Neptune's change of direction is leading to some fresh insights and a deeper understanding of a complex situation. A resolution you seek will be found. You will penetrate all the mysteries and conundrums that have left you flummoxed. If your experiences of late have put you in a doubtful frame of mind, that is good in that it's stopping you from rushing headlong into something that requires more reflection. You will succeed in overcoming a mood of uncertainty.


There's a lot to be said for having high ethical standards and exacting expectations. It's hard work being a perfectionist, but when you get everything right, it sure feels good. Thanks to your power, strength and impressive inner resources, you will find a way to achieve whatever your heart desires. Neptune's change of direction this week will put you on a direct path to a long-awaited sense of fulfilment. You will connect with what you were born to do. Count your blessings and you'll get there faster.


These are challenging times. We find ourselves navigating fast-flowing, deep waters where the current can change without warning. But you are adept at manoeuvring your kayak. You know how to stay afloat. Yes, life has taught you a thing or two. Neptune's change of direction this week will lead to some encouraging developments that will warm your heart and re-energize your inner reserves. Keep giving your passionate commitment to what matters. Overcome fear with confidence and optimism.


Don't give in to thoughts that make you fear everything will go wrong. A major constraint and encumbrance will be cleared. Stability will come to an important area of your life. Getting things in order can't be done overnight, but Neptune's change in direction is setting you up for a thoroughly pleasing shift in your prospects. Good news will come and will inspire your heart with practical hope. Every moment is going to be rich with meaning as a new door opens.


There is so much going wrong in the world, it's disturbing, we read about it everyday. Yet, despite all the bad news, there are celestial indicators that promise improvement. The power of Neptune this week is releasing a unifying spirit. It will assist you at looking long and hard at resolving a lingering problem. There is something superhuman about you. Your personal power is greater than you imagine. Your prayers will be answered. You are being guided toward your own personal utopia.


Our lives are riddled with questions we can't answer. Life is a mystery at the best of times and that is how it should be. We get glimpses into the future from time to time, but that's about it; the Universe doesn't allow us to see too much. But Neptune's change of direction this week will help you appreciate your gift of free will and hence, the ability to change your future by looking into yourself. There are certain things you cannot know now, except that you have the power to mold your future into one that fulfils your needs and desires. Your future is in your hands.


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