Your horoscope for the week ahead: Watch out for Cupid — love is in the air

We’ve crossed the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde cycle.

We’ve crossed the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde cycle

Bright sunny astrological energy will warm up the cockles of your heart this week as the Sun moves into sunny Leo on Monday. Cicadas are singing in unison with the joyful chirping of birds. Leaves are in full bloom. And bees are in full work mode manufacturing the miracle of honey. The Sun in the fixed sign of Leo marks the heart of summer. Some people like to refer to this time as the Dog Days filled with long summer days and evenings, picnics, BBQs, eating on patios, baseball games and cricket. 

Another good sign is that we've crossed the midpoint of a particularly disruptive Mercury retrograde cycle. There's not much longer to go. It ends on July 31. This is a work-in-progress time. Everything in your life is under construction. You'll be open for business in August. 

Our Celestial Mother, the Moon, will reach the Last Quarter phase on Wednesday when she will appear as a left-sided half Moon. She'll be rising late after midnight. We're down to the last week of the 29.5-day Lunar Month. It's time to get your ducks in a row for the next New Moon.

Wednesday brings a lovely conjunction between Mercury and Venus. That will bring sweetness to your communications. Just make sure you listen carefully and speak clearly. We are, after all, still in the Mercury retrograde period, so you don't want to jump to any erroneous conclusions. It's all good. No worries. Have fun with it. 

Oh, and Venus enters sunny Leo on Saturday. Watch out! Cupid or Eros, as he was known in ancient Greece, is flitting about like a butterfly. Love is in the air.  

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, July 22, 2019.


You have set in motion a process that will bring great success. "What process," you ask. Look carefully at everything that is passing through your thoughts. The Universe is trying to get a message through to you. You won't find it in your mailbox or your inbox. You cannot fully understand what is coming through, but have no fear, you soon will. It may be something you've been resisting. The Mars-Jupiter link is bringing a eureka moment when you experience a grand awakening, after which you'll see exactly what need to be done.


There is so much more that you would like to do. The parameters of your life have narrowed down over time. A deep and wide moat has surrounded your castle. The Mars-Jupiter alignment is just what you need to open those big gates and ride your horse over the drawbridge. Beautiful vistas await your arrival. A delicate decision needs to be made, but you will find a way to do it. Everything will fall nicely into place as you activate an action plan. You are about to be ushered into a world of exploration and adventure. 


Amazing and exciting possibilities are within reach. They have never been far away, but the time has not been right to make an important move. There is an effective way of influencing a certain situation. The Mars-Jupiter connection will provide a big boost of energy and success. It will put you in charge. You'll be surprised with yourself. You will reach a position of strength by finding a way to conquer your greatest weakness. You are becoming bigger than whatever seemed bigger than you. 


The key to success lies with your ability to deal with a certain challenge fearlessly with strength and determination. You've been thinking long and hard about making a brave move. The Mars-Jupiter link this week will help you conquer an obstacle forever. You are being presented with a chance to gain control of a process that has been going off target. You thought you had long since missed an important opportunity. This week you will discover that you have plenty of time to do what you have so long dreamed of doing. 


Your peace of mind has been affected by an obstacle slowing down your plans. Don't worry, you'll make a full recovery. You can count on your inner source of wisdom to steer you around this block. Something is ending, so that something better can begin. The Mars trine Jupiter connection this week will show you how to apply your energy with a sense of humour. It is possible to beat the odds and pull off a miracle. 


A small change in circumstance will make a big difference to the feasibility of something you are trying get off the ground. You been trying the handle of a particular door but have been unable to open it. The Mars-Jupiter trine this week will unlock this door. You need to exercise a little patience — just a little. You don't need to be a saint. Be assured, that you are on the right track. You are worrying about something that you really don't need to worry about. Keep smiling sweetly and everything will work out just fine. 


You probably don't fully understand how popular you are. That's because you are too humble. You're blind to the glances of admirers and deaf to their compliments. In no way should you allow your thoughts to dwell on certain negative notions that are dominating your stream of thoughts. Relax and watch what happens during the course of this week. The Mars trine Jupiter will give your sense of self-worth a huge boost. This will raise your spirits and provide a valuable tonic for your enthusiasm.


Just as you get a series of jobs done, more obligations and commitments line up to take their place. Now, would be a good idea to devote some time to yourself, don't you think? With Mars and Jupiter linking so nicely together this week, you'll resist complying with the needs of others. It's not to say that you're selfish — not at all. You've paid your dues, so think about living life for yourself. You are like a gardener. Plant some seeds. Nurture your aspirations. Cultivate your hopes and dreams. Some rare and forgotten flowers are about to be discovered in your inner garden. 


Everyone is caught up in the daily grind of accomplishing urgent tasks without paying proper attention to their need for rest and renewal. It's the proverbial rat race keeping us on the run. Poor old, rats. They always get the bad rap. If they could speak, they would probably moan about the human race. With Mars and Jupiter linking up so nicely this week, you'll want to drop out of any race. Now is the right time put your priorities on the front burner. Life will seem so much better after you do. 


Our wisdom grows through our failures. They are necessary for the evolution of our soul. When it comes down to it, failure and success are one and the same. A poignant disappointment has pressed you into doing something you were avoiding. That's good. Resolve to never lose faith in the magic of life. The lovely Mars-Jupiter trine this week is leading you to a pleasing development that will have a big positive impact. You are on your way to something that will make you immensely happy.  


Your anxiety level has risen due to a certain difficult scenario. The silver lining is that you are acquiring a new understanding of where you want to take your life. The Mars-Jupiter trine will draw your attention away from your worries. What's changing in your life now, may seem insignificant, but it represents the tip of a most magnificent iceberg. A compassionate universe is carefully educating you and enriching your wisdom. This week brings a big shift in where you want to go and how to implement your plan. 


If we have too many aims and goals, we never get anywhere. We have to be selective, otherwise we could spend our entire life dreaming and drifting from one objective to another. The Mars-Jupiter link up this week will help you focus on your priorities. In one key area of life now, the time is right to take aim for your target. The status quo needs to be shaken, then you'll see exactly where you want to take your life. Once everything settles down, you'll notice how much more exciting life has become.


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