Your horoscope for the week ahead: Venus will help you sort out relationships that need to be redefined

A new moon in Gemini marks the beginning of an auspicious Lunar Month.

A new moon in Gemini marks the beginning of an auspicious Lunar Month

The sky has changed dramatically from a week ago. Saturn, Venus and Jupiter have all turned retrograde. Saturn is building the foundation for your future success while Jupiter is making plans to send you on a journey of adventure. The Venus retrograde in Gemini is particularly significant especially as she will be engaged in a square to the mysterious power of Neptune all the way through to July. 

This will cause a lot of confusion probably in the form of misinformation or incomplete information. Venus is still visible in the west in the evening sky, but she is rapidly dropping from her high vantage point down toward the Sun. By the end of the month she will disappear into the golden orb of the Sun. 

Mercury has emerged as an evening star. Look down from the dazzling sparkle of Venus after sunset and you'll find Mercury just above the horizon. Mercury, aka Hermes, is your Master of Tactic. He'll be advising you on your every decision and move. Cease the mind chatter and you'll hear his messages. Venus will help you see through relationships that need to be redefined. She will help you keep a sharp eye on financial issues too.  

The Sun is moving into the mutable sign of Gemini on Wednesday. This marks the transition from spring to summer. Next stop will be the Summer Solstice in June. A New Moon in Gemini on Friday kicks off another 29.5-day Lunar Month, so get those ducks a row. It's a time of new beginnings. Mercury and Venus will be in a romantic embrace with each other right on the day of the New Moon. You can look forward to a wonderful month.  

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 18, 2020.


Every so often, everything goes haywire and we end up running around in circles getting nowhere. At times like this we have to guard against developing the expectation of disappointment and failure. This anxiety associated with your predicament is coming to an end. Your mettle and your wits have been tested to an extreme. The New Moon in Gemini indicates that the worst is behind you. From now on you will notice a subtle, but significant change in mood that will bring sunshine to your love life and a fresh hope to your financial situation. A never-ending cavalcade of chaos is finally coming to an end.


You have responded intelligently to a series of sudden challenges. The New Moon in Gemini will make it clear that the time has come to move on; no looking back allowed. You were not meant to spend your whole life thinking about one particular matter. Fascinating though it may be, it would be wise to introduce a little bit of variety into your agenda. The problems you have been dealing with have done you a world of good by preventing you from sinking into a mood of complacency. You have been through a lot in a short space of time. You have proven your mettle by fearlessly confronting your challenges. 


Getting yourself heard over the din of this noisy world is no easy task. You are much respected and appreciated. People understand that you are one of a kind and consider themselves lucky to know you. The New Moon in Gemini is putting you in great demand. An uplifting feeling will inspire you. Your instincts are incisive which explains why others are in need of your contribution to a key plan or strategy. You have all the essential characteristics required to succeed such as courage, intelligence and luck. The Universe is eager to deliver the rewards you so richly deserve.  


The years wheel by in our annual orbit around the Sun. It seems, however, that too many concerns and cares from the past seem to accompany you in your journey. The New Moon in Gemini will put you on the road to find freedom from what has been a difficult past. You can now definitely look forward to a better understanding and a greater sense of acceptance of what you've been through. The Universe will bring you all the liberation and power you could ever hope for. Order and normality will return. The stars are on a quest to reward you with the lifestyle that will give you cause to pause and celebrate.


You are ready to take a brave step into the great unknown. It's virtually impossible to turn back a certain process that has already started to take root. The New Moon in Gemini is preparing you for a big adventure, a dramatic journey into fresh territory. It won't be long before this and much more begins to become possible. You are rapidly evolving into a very different person, living in a very different world. If you are willing to stop believing old assumptions, you will embrace exciting new realities. What you wish to achieve is difficult, but you will succeed — in that you can be sure. 


There is something you have long wanted to do, but you are now seriously wondering if you will ever succeed at achieving it. Furthermore, you are even wondering now if you want what you once wanted. Yes, it's all very confusing. Your focus is wavering. Well try not to worry. This is how positive change always comes. A time of questioning appears just prior to a triumph. The New Moon in Gemini will impress upon you that where there is a will, there is a way. Maintain your determination and your vision of happiness and a path to success will reveal itself. 


You appear to be surrounded by ill-informed people who enjoy expressing strong and oftentimes arrogant opinions. They might mean well, but it still gets on your nerves. Trust your belief in a brighter future governed by wisdom and tact. To find peace of mind, you'll have to get your mind off controversial angst-loaded subjects and all the self-important opinions being expressed. The New Moon in Gemini will help in that regard by making you understand that a benevolent cosmic source has your back. This will be an excellent week as long as you make the time to relax long enough to enjoy it. 


Be on the lookout for hidden agendas this week. Actions speak louder than words, but it is not always possible to decipher them. The unforeseen is something we must relish and appreciate. You very much need to know what's going on behind the scenes. Be one step ahead of the game. The New Moon in Gemini is showing you how to turn adversity to your advantage. A certain troubling development is an opportunity in disguise. Your persistence and determination will be rewarded. The positive results will exceed your expectations. You will find a most amazing solution to a troublesome mystery.


Despite your concerns regarding some difficulties you face, you are blessed with a special ability to get clutch hits when you need them. Things won't instantly quiet down with a snap of your finger, but you will start to see tensions ease and difficulties diminish. The New Moon in Gemini implies a rare chance to redefine your sense of identity. Put your problems in their proper place and don't allow them to bully you into fear mode. You have more than enough personal power and influence to pull off a miracle. You now have a chance to become the person you have always wanted to be. 


Most people are not happy unless they are carping and complaining, fussing and fretting, arguing and competing, and simply judging others. Surprising, as it might seem to you, some people regard you as an exemplary pillar of wisdom. You're likely to underestimate yourself. That's not surprising. Don't let modesty hold you back on your life's mission. The New Moon in Gemini will help you develop a clear and objective perspective of your own potential and how to use your talents to achieve your aims; after all, other people will reap benefits from your success. Imminent developments will prove you are on the right track. 


If anyone can make it through a storm, it certainly has to be you. You've proven yourself time and time again. Many people are fond of their problems to the extent that they wish them upon themselves. That's certainly not the case with you. The difference is that you enjoy challenges in the same way that an impeccable warrior prides him or herself in the ability to rise to the occasion and achieve victory. The New Moon in Gemini will provide you with the mental acuity you need to juggle an overwhelming quantity of information. Don't overdo it, though. Give your mind a little rest and a chance to recharge. 


Most of us are guilty of making hypocritical statements and assertions. We hold certain peaceful values close to our heart, but then contradict them with passionate emotions. The thing is that you've got some valid and worthwhile points that need to be recognized and acknowledged. Being direct and honest doesn't mean you are a marauding beast on a rampage. The New Moon in Gemini will give you the clarity of mind to logically elucidate your case. Your currently enhanced magnetic charm will help persuade even the most obdurate of listeners. So, say what you've got to say.

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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