Your horoscope for the week ahead: This Mercury retrograde's bringing great opportunities

Get ready for the new moon in Pisces, too.

Get ready for the new moon in Pisces, too.

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Important astrological events are in store this week. First and foremost is the once-every-four-months Mercury retrograde, which kicked off on Sunday, February 16. It will last about three weeks, so brace yourself for the usual glitches and delays that have already affect travel, transportation, technology and schedules. These normally peak in the days around the change of direction. 

Great opportunities come up with Mercury's change of direction. You may get tapped on the shoulder for career improvement like a promotion, better job or maybe even higher pay. If there's something you've been putting off like a car repair, a computer issue or a leaky tap, you'd better get on to it before the pipes burst. Mercury is your friend, although he's known for his mischievous sense of humour. So, smile and the world will smile back at you. 

The Sun leaves sociable Aquarius and enters spiritual Pisces on Tuesday. Pisces is a mutable sign marking the transition from winter to spring. It won't be long now. Birds will begin merrily chirping and collecting materials to build their nests. This is also the final week of the 29.5-day Lunar Month. We are sliding into the next New Moon in Pisces on Sunday, February 23. Get your quacking ducks in a row. Spring is just around the corner.  

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, February 17, 2020.


This next chapter in your life will be a momentous one. There is a sense of supreme importance attached to it. Profound changes for which you've been yearning are at last on their way. Auspicious celestial portents all point toward fulfilment, happiness and peace. This Mercury retrograde is starting a new phase in your life that will bring something truly amazing. Don't accept every offer without subjecting it to scrutiny, but at least be willing to consider some to the invitations that are starting to come your way. There's every reason to believe that you will get exactly what you want.


Each time you finally feel sure about something, you either get talked out of it or talk yourself out of it. You always think you are wrong or that you are making a big mistake. It seems you are listening too closely to other people's logic and opinions. This is not a healthy state of mind to be in. The Mercury retrograde will fortify your resolve, bolster your self-confidence and guide you in calming down an overly talkative brain, instead deferring to the quiet whispers of your intuition. Set aside moments with the specific purpose of quieting your mind. An elusive solution to an intractable situation will percolate into your consciousness. 


You may find this hard to believe but a bold and stimulating shift in your self-confidence will provide an opportunity for you to take a big, brave step forward. It's been a long time coming, but that moment has finally arrived. The Mercury retrograde will provide a real chance to manifest what hitherto was merely a figment of your imagination. The unfolding future will deliver many pleasant surprises as you rise out of the morass of an unpleasant emotional issue. Don't apologize for your passion to reach for the miraculous. It is an indication of how special you are. 


A dark and threatening situation is dissolving because you faced it head on with bold courage. You didn't think you could do it, but you did. The Mercury retrograde will now help you rewrite your future. The key to success is always contingent on tapping into your inner source of wisdom. And it is that source that has begun extricating you from an unwanted situation. Nothing can contain the intrepid spirit that surging within you. It is far too early to tell what's really going on in your life, except to say that you have arrived somewhere. You have shifted something. Things are sure to be different from now on. 


Intuition is your forte. Your ability to anticipate the actions of people and events is proving rather impressive. Giving up your day job is probably not the way to go, well, not quite yet anyway. But if you can put more trust in your hunches, you'll stay a few crucial steps ahead in this game of life. The Mercury retrograde this week will deepen your connection to your intuitive source. You will surprise yourself with your ingenuity and clever moves. You are about to enjoy a truly excellent new chapter in your life. Prepare to move up a gear. You will learn how to get more results with less effort. 


Your self-deprecating inclinations need to be brought under control. Give yourself some credit. When it comes down to it you really are quite amazing. It's not a case of hubris to be aware of your many talents and strengths. Put aside your feelings of guilt and accept the truthful compliments of admirers. The Mercury retrograde will show you how to acknowledge your unique skills just in time to make it through the rigours of a time sensitive monumental task. The stars are intent on bringing joy into your world. So, when good fortune knocks on your door as it will very soon – open it. Take the bull by the horns. 


It's not always easy to maintain sanguine expectations of the future with all pressures that life bombards us with. It is imperative to be acutely vigilant against losing hope. Keep your thoughts trained on a positive vision and trust the compassionate source of this Universe. This new Mercury retrograde will guide you to find the happiness you deserve. An imminent auspicious development will make it clear that a friendly sky is indeed smiling upon you. Success now depends on finding the courage to acknowledge what you truly feel. Express yourself and let the world know what you think. 


Congratulations in advance for a pending victory. When the going gets tough, you always show your mettle. You always prove yourself. But you are thinking to yourself, well yes, but we all kid ourselves in a hundred different ways. Sometimes we kid ourselves into thinking everything is fine when it's patently clear, they are not. With Mercury retrograde officially underway, you are wondering if you are being realistic. Do you see the real picture or are you delusional? Rest at ease. Yes, you have a firm grip on reality. Start by expressing your gratitude for all that is good in your life. You are on the cusp of a huge positive wave sweeping into your world. 


Despite your doubts, you are doing the thing you most need to do. Your inner wisdom is doing a fine job of guiding you in your journey through the peaks and troughs of life. The sky is looking after you. The Mercury retrograde will guide you well through all the silly rules in this world that you are obliged to follow. Your recalcitrant nature yearns for freedom but breaking these rules would prove unwise, at least for now. You are receiving a lot of celestial support. Make sure you don't take it for granted. Be smart enough to appreciate it and recognize the ways in which you can make life easier for yourself. 


Keep chipping away at that big block of solid granite. You are sculpturing a new image of yourself. A new character is emerging. This next Mercury retrograde cycle will help you strengthen your sense of identity and emotional stability. You are creating someone with more personal power and a wider sphere of influence. You'll beat back challenges with greater ease. Not every good idea turns out to bring a brilliant solution, but you are on a lucky run now. One stubborn problem in particular will become less potent and worrisome. What once used up every ounce of your energy will be dealt with handily and with far less effort and strain.  


Trouble, here in our earthly dimension, is never far away. That's the basic rule of the game. It's the reality we are forced to constantly adapt too. We simply must accept this and, rather than lamenting the struggle, enjoy the challenges. Your experiences have honed your skills of problem-solving and turned you into an impeccable warrior. As a result, you're set up nicely for a big win. The Mercury retrograde will prove to be a most auspicious shift on your path to fulfilment. You will be blessed with perspicacious insights and the sagacity to make judicious choices. Tantalizing opportunities are queuing up to meet you.  


An old and jaded way of life is on its way out. You are rewriting your personal history. Debilitating emotional patterns and burdensome responsibilities will become a thing of the past. This Mercury retrograde is giving you an opportunity to press the reset button and get a fresh start. The old world is ending. A new world has just begun. All that was hitherto beyond your reach will move into the realm of possibility. The future is yours for the taking.  Your opportunities are boundless. Your possibilities are limitless. Nothing can stop you now other than your won fear or doubt. Cut the ropes and be free.