Your horoscope for the week ahead: The positive boost you need is on its way

The sky moves through a major shift of energy from Leo to Virgo.

The sky moves through a major shift of energy from Leo to Virgo

A boldly proactive Aries Moon kicks this week off. It will build up to a crescendo with a bright and bouncy trine alignment between Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius on Wednesday. It's just what you need to add vim and vigour to your hopes and dreams. This is a highly auspicious configuration that you'll want to latch on to. It's packed with positive fire energy. It will provide a big boost as the sky moves through a major shift of energy from Leo to Virgo. Mars entered Virgo last Sunday. Mercury will join Mars in Virgo on Wednesday followed by the Sun on Friday. 

Virgo is a mutable sign which marks the transition from summer to fall. In the Northern Hemisphere, the temperatures are gradually cooling. The time of harvest approaches, but let's not rush ahead too fast. Summer is still here. There's still time to enjoy warm temperatures and all the joys that summer brings. 

Virgo is a practical earth sign that loves to serve and help others. Healing is important with Virgo too, so it's a good time to look into your health, your diet and your nutrition. Look to nature to heal all your wounds.

The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini comes on Friday. Events of the last three weeks leading up to the Full Moon crescendo will start making sense. The Moon is now waning and breathing out. Start getting those ducks in a row and ready for next week's New Moon. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, August 19, 2019.


Problems have a way of rebounding. They go away, but then somehow manage to boomerang back again. A situation has come up which closely resembles a previous occasion that led to unpleasant results. That was then, but now is totally different. You've learned your lessons well. You've moved on. Experience has taught you much in the interim. The inspiring Mercury/Jupiter connection will inspire your reliable intuition. Time and experience have turned you into a new person. You're experienced and wise to the ways of the world. 


It may be hard for you to say precisely what it is that's holding you back. Although you can see the symptoms the actual source of the malaise is harder to identify. The Mercury/Jupiter trine this week will lead to you breaking out of a rut and a repetitive daily pattern. It will bring freedom and a greater degree of independence. It will bring out the revolutionary spirit in you. You'll discover what is needed to heal an old wound and bring about a total cure. That frown will turn into a broad smile. You're in an ideal position to take advantage of some exciting developments. 


You've proven that you have the strength, fortitude and patience to deal with narrow-minded people that lack vision. You certainly could do without all their carping and grumbling. The Mercury trine Jupiter will send you a marvellous reward for your efforts. An opportunity will come that will release you from a commitment and set you free. You'll plunge into a course of action and give it all you've got. This will mark a point when you can begin living life with an abundance of good cheer and dedication to nurturing your happiness. 


Nurturing a grudge and plotting revenge is an appealing thought when you've been hurt, but it's certainly not a line of action that's in your nature. It's much wiser to allow a process called karma to take care of that. Depending on how we conduct ourselves, good or bad, our deeds come back to reward or reprove us. If someone has done you wrong, do your best to not to let that cause you distress. The Universe will deal with it in its own natural time, which is pretty quick. The auspicious Mercury/Jupiter configuration will prove to you that there is a lot of love and compassion around. You are appreciated.


You find yourself wondering how anything good can come out of a certain situation in which you're embroiled. You'll be surprised to know that beautiful diamonds lie buried in amongst the dross. The Mercury/Jupiter connection will guide you towards a hidden advantage just waiting to be discovered. Follow your heart and do what you really want to do. Good things are coming your way. Of that, you can be sure. Focus on your brightest vision. A rather happy and lengthy interlude in your life is about to begin. 


Humility is a commendable virtue worthy of praise providing it doesn't become hyperbolic. Beware of self-deprecation. Give yourself the respect you deserve. You've always done well in in dealing with challenges. If compliments haven't already started flowing your way, they soon will. Blush if you must, but you deserve to be applauded. The Mercury/Jupiter configuration this week will encourage you to bask in the sunlight of your accomplishments. You'll find a solution to a problem that will allow you to break free from tiresome restraints.  


Events have been lurching from one extreme to another, but stability is coming. Where your life has been lacking in happiness and contentment, balance and equilibrium will return. The power to steer your way to a joyful destination rests in your mind. Believing in yourself is the key. The buoyant Mercury/Jupiter connection will tune you into your own internal source of wisdom. Explore your options and experiment with possibilities. The power to change your world rests within you. Be proud of yourself. Be thankful! You have achieved much, and the best is yet to come! 


The world is going through a battle between the old and new. Change is affecting us all without mercy. Yet, despite all the trouble, you're being offered the chance to get a positive and constructive perspective on your life. The vibrant connection between Mercury and Jupiter this week means that fear and intimidation will not rule your responses. Something wonderfully good exists at the core of your life right now. As you come to recognize the positive momentum that is gathering pace, you'll find a way to expedite an ingenious plan in winning fashion. 


There have been times when your troubles were so intense, you could hardly imagine them ever coming to an end. They even caused you to have doubts about achieving a certain special dream, but that loss of faith could never stymie your willpower and determination. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say. The sublime Mercury/Jupiter connection will help you see that something that once seemed totally impossible is on the way to becoming entirely feasible and achievable. Giant strides are being made towards the materialization of this very important heartfelt dream. 


Beware of excessively fretting over your difficulties. As you well know, life is never free of challenges. It's how you respond to them that will determine your success. With a fearless heart, what seemed like larger than life difficulties will be trimmed down to easily manageable chunks. The highly auspicious Mercury/Jupiter trine this week will nurture your personal power and turn you into a human dynamo. A highly efficacious stratagem will be born that will render your sources of anxiety into infinitesimal and insignificant bits of nothing. 


How wonderful it would be to live in a world without sadness and disappointment. There is a theory that an ideal paradise exists somewhere in a different dimension or an alternate universe. It's a nice thought. The Mercury-Jupiter connection this week will draw you closer to that world of perfection. The hope it brings will inspire you with positive thoughts. These will effectively reduce and even nullify the impact of any negativity that is affecting you. The shift in mood will draw a most fortunate encounter towards you that will turn your future into an exciting adventure. 


When difficulties strike and obstacles bar progress, it's only natural to feel deflated, disappointed and dejected. Your many trials have taught you how to transform these powerful emotions into triggers for positive change. Experience has taught you that challenges, rather than closing doors, are opportunities in disguise. The Mercury trine Jupiter this week will inspire you to introduce innovation and positive change right where you need it most. You're stepping through the threshold into an exciting new era in the exciting saga of your life.


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