Your horoscope for the week ahead: The New Moon in Virgo activates a healing energy

Time to start fresh, undo mistakes and square circles.

Time to start fresh, undo mistakes and square circles

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On Thursday, the Moon, our Celestial Mother, will complete yet another 29.5-day journey around our beautiful planet and return to line up in a straight line between Earth and the Sun. This marks the New Moon in Virgo and the start of another Lunar Month. Look east in the predawn sky as this week begins and you will see the slim silver of the waning crescent Moon meeting up with scintillating Venus. This is a magic moment. Make your wishes. The New Moon will bring new beginnings and fresh starts when we can undo mistakes and square circles.  

Jupiter's four month retrograde ended last weekend. The Opener-of-the-Way has set sail on another nine month journey forward. The past four months have been a time of working on new plans to move you forward. This is an exciting time filled with opportunity. 

Venus squares Uranus on Tuesday then Mercury squares Jupiter on Thursday. Do you need an innovative plan? Do you want to think out of the box? This is your chance to find that brilliant idea you need. You could also strike up a friendship with an influential person. These are highly dynamic energy points, so do your best to stay calm. The compassionate source of this Universe will hear your call and lead you toward the fulfilment of your dreams. 

Saturn is ideally placed with a steady and stable trine alignment to the New Moon. Hang on the tiller and steer your ship well. Saturn will help you focus and concentrate on your vision of success. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, September 14, 2020.


Clearing up problems is much like the tedious task of cleaning and dusting. No sooner do you sweep up one problem, more blow in to take their place. But if we face our problems with courage, they make us wiser. Please be reassured. Things are not as bad as they seem. You fear that you will soon have to make a difficult decision. The New Moon in Virgo will reveal that you are carrying a responsibility that is now surplus to requirement. What you face will prove easy and obvious. So, go on and pick up that broom. Sweep your problems away. Everything is going to turn out fine. 


Some things in life are easy, quick and perfectly acceptable. But not everything in this world is fast and fun. Having a sense of urgency is good. Just don't let it turn into anxiety and panic. You are preoccupied with an issue that is sapping your strength and robbing you of the ability to seize an opportunity that is staring you in the face. The more difficult any situation gets, the more essential it is to maintain a positive approach. A confident and constructive attitude is the foundation of every success. The New Moon in Virgo will send you a clever plan that will extricate you from a sense of entrapment. 


A healthy dose of pride and self-respect is necessary if you are to achieve the success you seek. There's nothing wrong with that. There's a difference between pride and hubris. Some exuberance is what you need to add some zest and vigour into your dreams and ventures. Our expectations make an enormous difference to our abilities. Go ahead and ratchet up your dreams and the level of your confidence. The New Moon in Virgo says that it's time to be inspired by the calling of your heart. If you truly desire a big change in the way you lead your life, you have every chance of making it happen. 


Don't assume that this week is going to be difficult. The worst of a recent struggle is behind you. If anything feels awkward, it is probably because you have not quite enough faith in where you are being led. Let go of your attachment to your own idea of the best destination. Instead, follow your heart. There is nothing to lose. Ignore words that undermine your ambitions. And while you're at it, erase the fear of negative outcomes. It would help if you made time for some rest this week. The New Moon in Virgo advises that you retreat a bit. Find some time to chill. The quiet time will give your intuitive source a chance to connect with you. 


There are factors in your life now that seem to need adjustment. But unless they are truly unbearable, it may be much wiser to accept them as they are. It's not a miracle you need right now so much as a dash of good luck and some good timing. Things are heading in the right direction. A positive trend in your life is gaining momentum. Your efforts will all prove worthwhile. Remain determined and do not waiver from your sense of purpose. You are really starting to get somewhere in your quest. The New Moon in Virgo will bring the answers you seek if you approach everything with an open mind. 


It's not so much the answers that matter. You can always find those. What is most important are the questions. That is the real starting point to success. We have to keep on asking questions until we find one that resonates with our heart's desires. Something really good is due to start happening. It's possible now to transform a small and improbable hope into the greatest turning point you've ever encountered. The New Moon in Virgo will give you a fresh look at what you wish to accomplish. A new set of questions about what you can achieve will stir your inner desires and lift you closer to the pinnacle of your dreams. 


By maintaining sanguine expectations, you will remain on track toward the destination you seek. Even if you tried very hard, you would not be able to derail your path to success. This week is due to have a thoroughly excellent outcome if you keep that in mind. The Universe places obstacles in your path in order to test your conviction and passion. Persistence and determination are all you need to succeed in your quest. And you've got both in ample supply. The New Moon in Virgo will bring the realization that no matter what once looked hopeless, there is fresh hope now.  


Your ingenuity is going to lead to some enlightening conclusions. "Well, that's about time," you say. True enough, you've had enough with juggling resources and struggling to keep a souring situation sweet. Good times are coming. You will start to understand something that you never fully understood before. The New Moon in Virgo will reward you with a discovery. You'll wonder why you never picked up on it before. A great idea is going to put you on an easier road to where you want to be. Things will turn out better than you ever envisaged. You are going to be very successful. 


Negative attitudes have a way of insidiously creeping their way into our stream of thought. We have to be vigilant, for they create roadblocks to success. A certain vexing problem will vanish once you discover the positive side of a process that is unfolding. The universe is waiting for you to see the light. The New Moon in Virgo will awaken the sleeping giant within. It will give you a rare opportunity to correct a past error of judgment you thought could never be undone. Your ability to achieve this depends on how rapidly you can adopt the right frame of mind. You will find the will to surpass your limitations.


It's time to ask yourself some tough questions about how you really feel about a situation or a relationship. Answers are needed. Decisions need to be made. Life is too short to allow yourself to get dragged into trouble of someone else's doing. You are not obliged to do anything that doesn't feel right. Follow your heart and do what you really want to do. And an open mind is part of the key to power. You'll find a way to tolerate those you might normally dismiss. The New Moon in Virgo will give you the ability to see the bigger picture so that you can make a brilliant move.


You can't possibly make the right kind progress if you haven't got the right mental attitude. Benevolent forces of the Universe are rallying to help you get past an impasse. The sky is essentially on your side so don't let a certain threat or worry make you feel insecure. An invisible shield of protection surrounds you. The New Moon in Virgo will provide you with a bevy of astute insights that will help you avert a crisis. You will do some fast thinking and make some smart manoeuvres. Quite miraculously everything will fall nicely into place. Be sure to not listen to voices of negativity. 


People often spend a great deal of time and energy on activities that they consider to be worthwhile. Yet often in the end, these come to nothing. Even so, we mustn't shy away from looking into novel ideas. There's a plan you're considering that seems too good to be true. It might be predicated on some dubious fundamentals. Perhaps it is, but it is still worth looking into further. Do your own research. Connect the dots. The New Moon in Virgo will activate your genius for innovation and help you find a way to improve this idea and make it work. The whole process will require less effort than you may think. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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