Your horoscope for the week ahead: The momentous shift we've all been waiting for begins

A rare and super-charged astrological affair is ahead; fasten your seatbelts.

A rare and super-charged astrological affair is ahead; fasten your seatbelts

This week brings a momentous shift that we've been eagerly waiting for. The thrust started to build last week as Mercury's gruelling three-week retrograde finally came to an end. It was a tough one. There were lots of delays, glitches and unforeseen problems, all accompanied by gnashing of teeth. Congratulations! You hung in there with a positive mindset and proved yourself to be an impeccable warrior.

It will take a couple of weeks for Mercury to get up to speed, but, have no fear, the show will assuredly get on the road. The pace of progress will rapidly accelerate this week thanks to the end of Jupiter's four-month retrograde which commenced in early April. Jupiter embodies the spirit of adventure. You'll be on a mission to accomplish great things. 

Jupiter will form a couple of magnificent trines (120-degree angles) this week, to the Sun on Tuesday and Venus on Thursday. This will build positive momentum toward the Jupiter station direct this Sunday. Station direct is the point a retrograde ends and direct motion begins. It's a powerful astrological moment. 

This one will be a super-charged affair since it will coincide with high-voltage Uranus, the unpredictable sky god, kicking off his retrograde on the same day. This is extremely rare, so fasten your seatbelts. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, August 5, 2019.


There is a sense that powerful riptides have swept you away from a heartfelt goal you once cherished. That feeling won't last for long. With Jupiter now resuming direct motion, an optimistic attitude will sweep you up in an auspicious flow that will carry you to where you've always wanted to be. Its motion is so gentle, you may not even notice it happening. Intractable dilemmas will evaporate like morning dew in the noonday Sun. Fear nothing. Problems will be solved. Resolutions will be found. 


There is something you've always wanted to do, but practical obligations and responsibilities managed to put it so far back on the back burner, it was all but lost and almost forgotten. But, not quite. Jupiter's resuming direct motion will wake up these old memories and dreams. You'll hit the ground running with that old plan — or an adaptation of it; it's coming back with a new twist. Once you get moving, you won't want to stop until you get to where your heart wants to be. You'll find the whole process surprisingly easy. 


Sometimes our best friends, colleagues and loved ones can become our worst enemies. I suppose, when you think about, some flaws were evident early on. It's tragic how things turn out sometimes, but you are wise enough to understand the futility of bad feelings. You'd prefer to either mend fences and make peace or just simply move on. Jupiter's return to direct motion will help you get a better understanding of what needs to be done. There is a chance now to bridge a gap; that will be rewarding and fulfilling for everyone concerned. You'll feel liberated.


Getting the balance between being strong and being obdurate is sometimes a fine line. On the other hand, lack of confidence should be avoided since that would impose limitations on your plans and expectations. You'll get the balance just right when Jupiter's return to direct motion encourages you to think big. The world is your oyster. Do your best to not to be over-analytical. Your intuitive sense will show you how to do it. All that is required of you is to be focused, determined and motivated. 


Your desire to make a commitment will set a process in motion that will take some time to complete. There is a fear that your hopes are not backed up by reality, but your doubts will rapidly dissolve as you see how everything starts falling quite naturally in place. Under normal circumstances it would take a long time, but the timing now is good with Jupiter resuming forward motion. Carefully lay out your strategy with a longer timescale as a precaution, and stick with it all the way through to its inevitable success


A lot in your life has been stirred up of late, but it's nothing you can't handle. Whatever is ailing you now will quickly diminish in power. A deep source of wisdom within you is doing a round-the-clock watch on you. It has celestial scouts out in the field protecting your accomplishments and looking for new opportunities. Jupiter's return to direct motion is launching an armada on your behalf. Stay alert to opportunities that are coming your way for there will be many. Nothing happens by accident. You are deserving of all the rewards that are due to come your way.  


There are times when problems seem too heavy to bear. You know that feeling all too well, but now a fresh breeze of renewal is blowing in as Jupiter returns to direction motion. This shift is enhancing your intuitive talents. You are developing the ability to hear and respond to symbols, numbers and the vast array of subtle signals of the Universe. The stars are working feverishly behind the scenes to deliver happiness. You may have experienced a shortage of many things, but there will be no shortage of opportunities from this point forward. 


Can you harness your worries and concerns? Can you get them under control? Of course, you can. The sky is offering much-needed assistance. Jupiter's forward shift will free you from factors that have been holding you back. You'll find the gumption to be decisive and courageous. With your renewed vim and vigour, you will make a valuable discovery that will allow you to take hold of the tiller of your life. You'll steer your life away from stormy waters toward the lush shores of exotic lands brimming with possibilities. 


You sense correctly that change must come. You are open to the potential of an idea you are mulling. Something quite extraordinary is rising on the horizon. The journey toward your dream has not been an easy ride, but it's been worth every ounce of your sweat and tears. Your ordeal has made you wiser, more open-minded and, perhaps most importantly, innovative. You have become a new person. With Jupiter returning to direct motion this week, you'll feel refreshed and ready for action. You mean business and the world is watching with admiration. 


You are being adversely affected by people who have too much influence over you. It's not because you are weak, since that most certainly is not the case. You are strong but simply lack the confidence to give yourself proper credit. You are a humble person. There aren't many people who could manage all of your responsibilities as deftly as you do. Jupiter's return to direct motion will teach you about the power of your smile. Your personal power will grow as you develop the ability to choose your mood rather than allowing circumstances to choose it for you. 


With Jupiter getting back to direct motion, an oppressive mood that has prevailed for some time will vanish. Instead of feeling overstretched and under threat, you will feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. Your attention will focus on all that is good. Doors are opening. Opportunities are multiplying. The stars are shouting out a positive mantra. Weed all negative ideas out of your thought stream. Nurture the good ones. You're in reach of a chance to attain the kind of lifestyle you ideally would like to live. There's a lot of love around and you'll be a joyful recipient. 


As you well know, nothing can be gained by digging up old bones of contention, but that hasn't stopped someone from digging away. With Jupiter resuming forward motion this week, you will find a way of setting something straight. That's because you're not the kind of person to hold on to a grudge. You're more than happy to mend fences and let the past go. Tangible signs of improvement this week will make it clear that your worries are vanishing. A scintillating future eagerly awaits your arrival — you'll need sunglasses. 


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