Your horoscope for the week ahead: The Mercury retrograde is officially over and you can make real progress

A Full Moon in Virgo will help bring the seeds you’ve planted to fruition.

A Full Moon in Virgo will help bring the seeds you’ve planted to fruition

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The Mercury retrograde is officially at an end as this new week gets underway. It's taken about three weeks to run its course, and although it is essentially a positive period of time, there is always a sense of relief when it reaches its conclusion. There still may be a few glitches in travel, transportation and communications to work your way through but, in spite of this, the week promises to be one that will bring progress. 

That big bunching up of six planets in Aquarius is breaking up. The Sun, last week, left the fixed sign of Aquarius and entered mutable Pisces. Venus will do the same on Thursday.

Mutable signs mark the transition of seasons. The Sun and Venus in Pisces will take us from the heart of winter to the spring. The birds are warming up to their chirpy time of courting. Slowly at first, but you can hear the difference in their birdsong. 

The planet of force and power, Mars, links up with Pluto on Wednesday in a smooth, proactive alignment. Much can be accomplished with this positive and constructive energy. Leap into your projects with alacrity. Clear out any backlog of work. Catch up on jobs that must be done. Use the Pisces shift in energy to your advantage. 

The Moon waxes into fullness in the sign of Virgo on Friday. The seeds that were planted with the New Moon on the eleventh have reached their fruition. Some plans and ideas have taken shape and are moving ahead. 

Do your best to not get buried in the minutiae of life, but do carefully check out all possibilities at your disposal. This will help you sidestep any potential problems. Getting your rest will help you stay ahead of your work and keep you healthy. That will help you acquire a bird's eye view of where you are and where you must steer your life. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, February 22, 2021.


The changes that are happening all around you now are happening for a reason. Over the next week, you will start to see what that reason is. Think of change as a new acquaintance that you might not like at first, but with time as you get to know this person you realize that they're actually quite pleasant. As Mercury returns to forward motion, it will become apparent to you that change is what facilitates the evolution of your soul. You will marvel at the positive transformation that sweeps into your heart. Many aspects of your life are set to improve — and that includes romantic possibilities too.


If you feel as though there must be more options and alternatives than the ones you can currently see, do a little research. Use your intelligence and imagination. Create a series of ideas and possibilities and test these in an optimistic frame of mind. With a modicum of confidence and a scintilla of determination, you'll manage to make a humble idea grow until it manifests into a wonderful reality. Be as you are. There is no need for grandeur or pretences. If your motives are pure, and come from the heart, Mercury's change of direction will guide you along a wonderful journey of exploration and lead you to the destination you've long dreamed of reaching.


While you wait to see what a recent development actually means to you, you can start to explore possibilities which you might normally not contemplate. A multitude of propitious omens bode well for you. The potential exists to accomplish some of your greatest goals. What was once unthinkable is now possible. Mercury's resumption of direct motion is guiding you through a personal transformation. It's been a difficult process, but you are winning the battle. You are destined to attain a well-deserved reward. A psychological and emotional awakening is opening your life to infinite possibilities.


The tide is turning in your favour. A long period of difficulties is coming to an end. Mercury's change of direction is favourably disposed toward you. Great things will come to pass as a shift in your self-awareness takes hold. You are about to unleash your true self on the world. This change will enable you to connect with the guiding and compassionate source within. You will pursue your creative vision with greater ease and skill. There's a way to achieve what you're after. A doorway is opening that will lead you into a lifestyle for which you have always yearned. What's required is just some ingenuity and determination. 


In this earthly plane of existence, responsibilities and practical obligations are an inescapable reality. For many, it amounts to nothing less than a form of imprisonment. You've made a few escape attempts, but the heavy weight of earthly responsibilities always manages to grab a hold of you. Mercury's return to forward motion will offer you an opportunity to take a really big, brave step forward. You have been on the verge of making a brave decision for some while. You have plenty of motivation and you are not short of prospects either. You are making your way toward the manifestation of your most cherished dreams.


Tense celestial alignments are releasing their grip. This will allow you to expedite a special process that has been taking its sweet time to move along. Mercury's return to direct motion will facilitate a positive shift into high gear. To put it in Homer's words, an angry god has been appeased and offers no further opposition to your aspirations. Challenges are an unavoidable part of life on this planet of ours, but yours have made you shrewd and savvy. You will find a way to get what you want and claim your reward of happiness. You will deal with problems swiftly and incisively. So, go forth and conquer. The world is your oyster.


We all tend to be a little in awe of things we don't understand. Something now just doesn't make sense. Naturally enough, you want to find out more about this matter. In time, you will. But for now, just take it at face value, without over analyzing it. A particularly tense saga in your journey is winding down and losing its grip. The long shadow of trouble is vanishing. Mercury's return to direct motion will give you a sense that the Sun is rising and bringing light and warmth into your world. You are creating your future with your thoughts, so make it a good one. You are firmly on track to attain the liberation you seek.


There's a lot to be said for getting it right. Others may scoff at your desire to be so diligent, but it is also true that life's trials and tribulations, rather than impeding you are actually helping you. Facing your challenges has made you grow wiser, stronger and more resilient. Problems have proven to be blessings in disguise for they have been bumping you along on the path with heart. With Mercury changing direction this week, there is a sense that the Universe is carefully holding you in the palm of its hand and leading you to the fulfilment of your greatest heartfelt dreams.


Don't be afraid to put your foot down firmly if you find yourself needing to uphold a standard or protect a principle. Do it gently and diplomatically, though, if possible. Certain people may not be demonstrating much sensitivity, but their arrogance is actually a cover for their vulnerability. Do your best to avoid upset or argument, but not to the point of compromising your integrity. Good things are always happening. It's easy to miss out on them because we all invariably worry about all the problems that are in our face. With Mercury returning to direct motion, you'll find that good things start happening. 


If things are not working out the way you want them to now, it can only because your luck is better than you realize. It's possible that you are being prevented from gaining what you think you want rather than what you really need. In fact, the truth is that positive momentum is unmistakably gathering pace for you. You might as well just accept the fact that it is happening, even if you don't believe it yet. Doing so will nurture all that is good in your life and make it grow. Mercury's change of direction is creating the conditions that will move you forward toward your most cherished dreams. 


No matter how much you yearn to see progress now, be careful not to push too hard for it to happen. Life can, at times, feel like a dystopian nightmare. We must all confront pessimism with hope and optimism. You are now on the brink of entering a new chapter in your life that will rapidly move you toward utopia. A perfect world is waiting to be discovered. A primordial image of Atlantis lives in your heart. Mercury's change of direction will give you a glimpse of that perfect world. Perfection is a tall order, but you will become much happier, more fulfilled and thoroughly inspired in so many ways.


Success depends on the belief that benevolent forces are on your side right now. No matter what happens you will come out victorious in the end. You've faced a training ground designed to make you wiser and stronger. You've shown your mettle and your determination to win. Rewards are due. You will connect, as never before, with that benevolent spiritual force that is guiding you. You will cross through the gate into a world of happiness and fulfilment. Mercury's return to direct motion will show you that despite all that's causing you to feel unsettled, you are being protected. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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