Your horoscope for the week ahead: The God of Love is looking for you

A big powerful Full Moon in Scorpio will turn you into a powerhouse

A big powerful Full Moon in Scorpio will turn you into a powerhouse

A big powerful Full Moon in Scorpio highlights this week. Its power will grow with each passing day as it waxes towards a crescendo on Saturday. If you want change, positive change to sweep into your life – well, don't we all – this is it. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, known as Hades, in ancient Greece. He has a scary reputation, but just remember this: he'll help you out in times of need. Pluto will turn you into a powerhouse of force.

Mercury, aka Hermes, is cozying up to Pluto in a trine (120 degree) alignment on the day of the Full Moon. Trines are great. We like them. The more trines the better. The Scorpio Full Moon will amplify its power. If life feels like drudgery, this alignment will show you how to fight off the blues. Visualize your big dream. See it. Breathe it. Eat it. Become what you dream. And you'll get it. Embrace the joy of success.

A glorious Sun trine Pluto on Monday and a romantic Venus sextile (60 degree) Mars on Tuesday signal a great start to the week. Then on Wednesday, Venus enters sensual Taurus where she will remain for about a month. It has to be said, that this is all rather romantic. If your love life is not living up to your high expectations, the aforementioned celestial developments will fire off healing rays of love your way. So, catch those rays. Eros, the Greek god of love is in your neighbourhood.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 13, 2019.


Don't worry about a certain drama that has you preoccupied. It will play itself out quite naturally with or without your involvement. Judiciously choose where you apply your efforts concerning a more important matter. Carefully weigh up all the current demands in your life. The Scorpio Full Moon will guide you towards seeing the future with clarity. Some people around you can't see as far as you can see. They'll catch up. With patience, you'll show them the way.


You have the power to put right everything that seems wrong. How much power do you have? Lots of it! You've waited a long time to get to this point in your plan to conquer the known world. You're a leader. You're a high achiever marching forward to a glorious goal. It's long been your destiny to get there. The Scorpio Full Moon will boost your spirits and your determination. Proceed with confidence and a bold heart and you will take an impressive step forward.


You've been diligently climbing a mountain in your quest to fulfil a heartfelt mission, but that mountain isn't as big as you first thought. There's still further to go, but the summit is closer than you think. This week's Scorpio Full Moon will help you realize that it is possible to treasured goal sooner than expected. A significantly good development awaits you along the path you are following. You don't want to be too patient this week. There are opportunities to seize. Go forward and conquer.


You're labouring under the misapprehension that you can't escape a certain restrictive situation. The Scorpio Full Moon will inspire you with a new upbeat and stimulating perspective. A particular source of annoyance will dissipate. You'll get what you want if you cease mulling certain topics that fuel feelings of uncertainty. They don't deserve the attention you're giving them. Give them less energy and success will knock on your door.


Your reservations and doubts about certain plans are valid. There's room for improvement, but your fear that you're up against a great obstacle, however, is mere hyperbole. Your outlook is unmistakably positive. The Scorpio Full Moon is bringing a positive shift in your mood that will inspire you with hope and optimism. Your heart understands that the time has come to move on and leave a part of your past behind. Seize the moment and make your move into that new world you're yearning for.


Why do we fret over the past? It only prolongs the misery. When we agonize over past calamities, we cast a shadow over the future. Dwelling on bad memories magnifies their power to the point that our emotions never rebound into positive territory. The Scorpio Full Moon will show you how to fight off any nagging sense of regret. Your viewpoint must be positive if your future is to be glorious. Steer your ship towards sunny blue waters and you'll create the future of your dreams.


The power of this week's Scorpio Full Moon will fill you with a powerful sense of purpose. It will sweep into your life and dispel the debilitating effect of disillusionment. Hope will reign supreme. Listen carefully to the ideas and notions that come to mind this week. It will become clear that some plans need to be modified. Make no mistake about it – this is a time of great inspiration. An unmistakable positive shift is happening in your life. The right kind of change is set to happen. You'll be given reason to feel encouraged and recharged.


You get along with people just fine providing feelings are expressed honestly and transparently. There are times, of course, when it's better to not over-analyse feelings. It runs the risk of distorting and skewing your perception even further. Silence is golden. It's a powerful tool for solving problems. The Full Moon in Scorpio will produce a positive cathartic experience that will release the pressure and lift your heart. It will enrich and enliven your relationship. Honesty will flourish.


Something irrational is masquerading as rational. Once you correctly decode someone's confusing agenda, you'll know exactly what needs to be done to put things in order. If you play your cards right, this week, you'll get things moving. You need to get your priorities right. The Scorpio Full Moon will really help in this regard. Where things have been twisted and convoluted, they will smooth out and calm down. There is a lot that needs to be done, but, be at peace, it's all going to work out just fine


Some things must be allowed to develop in their own time without forcing them. Direct your attention to what you know for sure can be done. Pace yourself. There's no point running as fast as you can, if it's in the wrong direction. Incurring the disapproval of someone who doesn't understand will prove to be a minor issue. The Full Moon will put things in perspective. A mood of oppression will suddenly disappear. You are about to have your spirits lifted as a rosy vision of your future makes an appearance.


Success comes if everyone works together as a team towards a common aim. Decisions can be made unanimously. Discord is avoided. Problems arise when secretive unilateral action is taken by individuals or small alliances without a general consensus. This week's Full Moon will help you get a dialogue going with a certain person or persons. You know how to do it. Deliver your ideas with your usual expert ease and composure. Focus your attention on the light side of the situation. Everything will get easier.


Life's natural cycles will take you where you need to go. You're on a current that is moving you in the right direction. Don't push or pull. Trust your inner compass. Let go of your worries and concerns. Sure, it's easier said than done, but the influence of this week's Scorpio Full Moon will show you how to do it. You have all the charm and charisma needed to pull off a miracle. A certain factor you're dealing with is far from funny, but you'll handle with your usual aplomb. Life needn't be stressful or strenuous. All will be fine.


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