Your horoscope for the week ahead: The end of Venus retrograde helps resolve relationship problems

Meanwhile Neptune brings powerful psychological insights and Mars fires up your spirit in this very active week.

Meanwhile Neptune brings powerful psychological insights and Mars fires up your spirit

Some big changes are coming up this week that will help you out in a big way. This past weekend brought us the Summer Solstice and an Annular Solar Eclipse. It is rare to have these two powerful points in the Solar Cycle coincide. It is giving you a burst of energy and sense of a new beginning.

This week begins with Neptune reaching a crescendo of power as he pauses and turns retrograde. Although the planet Neptune was not visible to the unaided eye before 1846, the astrological energy of the planet was known to ancient people. In ancient Greece, Neptune was known as Poseidon. He was god of the sea. Symbolically this represents the fathomless depth of spirituality and psychology. 

Then on Thursday, the 40-day Venus retrograde comes to an end. Venus is linked to ecology, finance and relationships. During this time, you may have had to think through some relationship issues and made some adjustments. Her journey through Gemini was helpful resolving issues. Conditions have been good for finding resolutions for whatever problems that may have come up. 

On Saturday, a major shift comes with the powerful energy of Mars as he returns to his home base in the fiery action-sign of Aries. Hard working Mars will gets things moving. Mars normally spends about six weeks on average in each sign but in this case, he will remain in Aries all the way to the end of the year due to the Mars retrograde in September.

Make the most of this proactive energy. Use his fiery energy constructively and to your advantage. Do remember to rest up, though. Mars in the hot sign of Aries will keep you busy. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 22, 2020.


Auspicious planetary alignments are leading you to a mood of happiness and gratification. You'll be fine as long as you do not allow yourself to be seduced by feelings of gloom. You are fully entitled to good fortune and happiness. Rest assured – the planets will make sure of it. All that's required of you is to have faith in your own talents, your abilities and your potential. With Venus returning to direct motion this week, all that now seems so complicated and uncomfortable will resolve itself. The tectonic plates of your life have shifted into much better positions.


If you have been experiencing difficulty making up your mind, rest assured that will rapidly change as Venus resumes forward motion.  Be sure to extend your timescale concerning certain important plans. Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say. Your sense of impatience will vanish as you notice progress gathering pace. Focus your intention on a vision of success that is taking shape. The better you feel, the faster things will move forward for you, and the better your world will be. Life will bring all the liberation and power you could ever hope for. 


You have at times wondered if you will ever find freedom from certain difficult events in your past. What you can definitely look forward to, though, is a better understanding and a greater sense of acceptance. If you can approach a certain unpleasant task with a little more zeal, it will go a long way to reducing the pressure on you. You have the power to overcome all the obstacles that have held you back. It just so happens that you are the best person to complete the job at hand. You're going to like the outcome. It won't be long before you have cause to pause and celebrate. 


The Venus retrograde has taught you much. Now that it is ending, you'll understand that your heart will always know more than your mind. Don't start wondering whether someone else is better qualified to solve a problem or attain an objective. A positive frame of mind will keep you securely planted on the road to happiness and fulfilment. Your heart will tell you what must be done. Doubting yourself will only compromise your power. The cosmic tide is moving you in the right direction, so jump on your surfboard and let it take you. You are being led to a future brimming with adventure and exhilarating undertakings. 


The prognosis of what is coming now that Venus is returning to direct motion is exceedingly good, despite your sense of unease. A difficult obstacle will vanish, and a seemingly impassable barrier will melt away like a block of ice on a hot summer's day. The challenges you face will reduce into one easily manageable process as a timely solution comes to the rescue. A moment of completion is nearer than you think. You have developed efficacious techniques and strategies for finding answers to difficult questions. The week brings a valuable discovery and a liberating decision.  


You are entering a most fortunate interlude in your life. The last thing you want to do is to delay the arrival of a most auspicious new era by holding onto regret. Venus returning to direction motion will lead you to the summit of your dreams. You are being led to a big adventure and a dramatic journey into fresh territory. Even if physically you go nowhere special you will soon start to feel like a very different person, living in a different world. If you're willing to stop believing old assumptions, you can embrace exciting new realities. 


You have to introduce a little bit of variety into your agenda. Dare to be different and a certain challenging situation will start changing for the better in every way and at every level. Your instincts are good, and now that Venus is returning to direct motion, you'll notice an improvement in your insights. This will help you achieve great success. The sky is encouraging you to be adventurous. There is no reason to feel unsure of yourself or your abilities. There is every reason to feel plucky and fearless. This is not a time to be shy. Step forward with courage.  Expect to be in great demand and to feel surprisingly uplifted soon. 


In dealing with a certain conundrum try focusing your attention less on the problem and more on a certain seed idea that will lead to a new reality. Venus' return to direct motion will inspire you to think innovatively. You can change the story to something more conducive to the longings of your heart. Control your thoughts and you control your future. It takes discipline, but with a bold, intrepid spirit you will pry open a closed door and pull off a miracle. 


If only you could get a good insight into an important matter and how to deal with it. Some good insights into the future wouldn't go amiss either. The end of the Venus retrograde this week is making you wonder if you've been wrong about a certain decision. Truth, sooner or later, will prevail, so it's best to be true to yourself. A truculent attitude will only create more problems but approaching a certain dilemma with candour will bring rich rewards. The key to your future lies in your hands today. What's happening for you now is right. Don't fear it or doubt it, and your future will be exceptionally good. 


Sometimes we are forced to take one step backward before surging ahead with three steps. At times like that, it is imperative not let that one step backwards imperil your ability to keep pressing on. Success depends on your determination and how much you trust your talents and abilities. It ought to be easy for someone with your talents. The change of direction of Venus is working to your advantage. It will help you pull off a miracle, but let's be clear about something. This is not a case of winning or losing. It's not so much a victory you need this week, it's a sense of emotional satisfaction. And that is precisely what you are about to get. 


You have many admirers. You are much respected and appreciated. People understand that you are one of a kind and consider themselves lucky to know you. It's important now for others to receive your contribution to a key plan or strategy. You have the potential to achieve success in a crucial heartfelt cause. Whatever blocks or delays that are holding you back are nudges from a benevolent cosmos bumping you on onto a faster trajectory. Success lies directly ahead along the path you are following. With Venus returning to direct motion, you'll feel ready to take a brave step towards your utopian vision. 


It's normal to feel despondent and downcast at times. It's part of the natural rhythm of life. You can't single-handedly change the world, nobody can, but you can make a difference. Venus' return to direct motion will shift your mood into an upbeat proactive force that will summon your courage and humour. This is all you need to find your way through a certain quandary. You have both the personal power and the ability to turn a special dream into reality. Do what feels right in your heart and you will find the joy you so richly deserved. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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