Your horoscope for the week ahead: The end of Mercury retrograde brings a major shift in your life

Get ready for a fun Sagittarius season as the Sun moves into the jovial sign.

Get ready for a fun Sagittarius season as the Sun moves into the jovial sign

This is a major, pivotal kind of week coming up. Mars, Hercules of the solar system, will enter Scorpio on Tuesday. The Sun leaves the fixed sign of Scorpio and enters the mutable sign of Sagittarius on Friday. And a big shift comes mid-week with the end of the Mercury retrograde on Wednesday. 

Hard working Mars likes to be in the determined and relentless sign of Scorpio. This will help you get results wherever you've been held back. Clear the path. You're coming through. 

The Sun entering the mutable sign of Sagittarius leads us into winter. Leaves have fallen from the trees. Snow is covering the land. Sagittarius is ruled by jovial Jupiter. Bells both literal and figurative will ring as the holiday season gets underway. We can emerge from the Underworld of Scorpio and enjoy pure unadulterated fun. Jupiter is a spiritual force that brings wisdom, understanding and joy. 

The week ends with a most auspicious union of Venus and Jupiter. This will help bring sharpness and clarity to your thoughts and feelings. The Opener of the Way, Jupiter, will be accompanied by Venus as he watches over our human experience from high up on Mount Olympus. Make a toast to all that is good in your life. The sky will send you more. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, November 18, 2019.


Something in your life is only as it is because you're unconsciously allowing it to be that way. Somewhere in the realm of what you believe about yourself, there's a sense of intense guilt. You're a lucky sort of person. And there's nothing wrong with that. You've worked hard to get what you want. Right now, as you know, the status quo needs to be shaken up. When everything settles down, you'll realize how special you are. So, don't hide or hang your head in shame. Mercury's return to direct motion will make you better respect yourself. So, go ahead and make the most of your luck and opportunities. There's plenty of that on the way. 


It's impossible, without a certain essential piece of information, to fully understand the consequences of a crucial decision that needs to be made. The end of the Mercury retrograde will bring some new surprising information to light. You thought you had all the facts at hand, but apparently that was not the case. Actions speak louder than words and now is one of those times as you learn the truth about what someone said and did. There has been a shake-up, but as this week unfolds you will achieve a greater degree of clarity about the whole scenario. All you need to know will come to light at a most timely moment. 


A new insight is taking shape that will compel you to change your opinion about a demanding issue you're mulling. The more you think about it, the more confusing it seems to become. It reads like a detective story. The end of the Mercury retrograde will bring some major insights that will make you more independent, self-reliant and powerful in your own right. Clarification concerning how to manage your role in a certain process will come. Confusing doubts will be dispelled. You'll better understand your role in this situation and where it's all going. Life is set to get more interesting and inspiring. 


Every time you find yourself getting caught up in the day-to-day grind, remind yourself that powerful astrological forces are working on your behalf. Refuse to feel frustrated or descend to a level of hopelessness. The end of the Mercury retrograde will make it clear that the way to succeed is to give your passionate commitment to what matters most and all the needs that have to be met. You have everything you need to make miracles happen. The odds are in your favour. Your blessings are countless. 


The last few weeks have forced you concentrate your mind and sharpen your focus. An important long-awaited development will come as Mercury returns to direction motion. There's no need to conform to the expectations of social pressure as long as you're aware of how to say what's on your mind. You're learning how to be assertive without being confrontational or aggressive. The key is to be aware of boundaries. Rather than imposing structure and order on your world, you have acquired the flexibility and fluidity to dance through constraints and restrictions. 


A drama with no apparent solution has entrapped you. But little did you know that you're a sleeping giant that's about to wake up. You don't need to run scared anymore. The end of the Mercury retrograde this week is your wake-up call. Take a deep breath, Tarzan, and let out your jungle cry. The sky is throwing you a lifeline, or should we say a vine, that will pull you up to a higher branch where you'll have an eagle-eyed view of the world. An epiphany will come that will reveal in no uncertain terms how you've been undermining yourself. You'll find all the subtlety and tact required to fix a problem and put a smile on your face. 


Expressing your opinions, especially if they're contentious, can lead to consequences. You've been acutely aware of this of late and have hesitated to step in the ring. The end of the Mercury retrograde will give you the opportunity to make progress. You'll find it easier to speak your mind in a diplomatic and persuasive manner. Your eloquence will surprise you. And don't worry, you won't bring down the whole house of cards. Your position is far more secure than you know. Your self confidence will get a huge boost and accord you a greater degree of long-term clarity and security. 


This week will bring to your attention the positive side of as tressful situation. With Mercury going direct, the pressure will begin to decrease in intensity. Inspirational ideas and feelings will come to your attention. Something you dearly desire won't require you to compromise your values. To get a more objective viewpoint, step out of the front lines now and then for a few minutes and get some quiet time to yourself. Breathe in and breathe out. Listen to your breath. It's so simple, yet so effective. Doing this will allow you to tune into some healthy and vibrant energy that's around you. 


Life may seem tough or even awful at times but do remind yourself that it could be far worse. Do your best to not jump impulsively one way or another. You'll get all the answers you need. Mercury's return to direct motion will get you in touch with some rewarding energies. This is a time for initiating and creating and setting up a long-term period of happiness. It may not be obvious to you now, but you'll understand this further down the line. There are far more good things happening in your life than you know, so get your mind off your woes and start dancing to the merry tune of serendipity. 


You know what it's like to face adversity and aggravation. Your battles have been good for you. They've made you tougher, wiser and more resilient. You know how to be effective and accurate in achieving your goals. Just remember that real friends are those that tell you the truth whether you like it or not. Mercury's return to direct motion will make it clear that there's nothing wrong with being passionate about what you want. You're entering what will prove to be a most wonderful new chapter in the saga of your life. This powerful shift will help you better express your natural warmth and compassion. 


It may be hard to understand at times, but you have the power to succeed at whatever it is you want to achieve. So many people are inspired by your courage. You're a positive role model. It's important to point out that there's a difference between idle fantasy and fertile imagination. Your dreams, visions, ideas and strange notions are being fed by your imagination. Don't worry about any bubbles bursting or things coming down to earth with a bump. Your feet are well-grounded. Once Mercury returns to direct motion, you'll discover how to turn a blueprint for action into concrete reality.


You can be strong without being obdurate, strong-willed without being arrogant and sensitive without making yourself vulnerable. The end of the Mercury retrograde will bring about a big change in your self-awareness. Hard times are around every corner, but so are good times. The future isn't yet written in stone. That's up to you to do. Instead of imposing negative expectations make sure you see things in a positive light. You're being blessed with tremendous power and strength. Your inner resources are impressive and enviable. You'll find the ability to achieve whatever it is you most need.