Your horoscope for the week ahead: The Aries New Moon plants the seeds of a new beginning

Venus is in the mix too, so watch out for Cupid’s arrow.

Venus is in the mix too, so watch out for Cupid’s arrow

Mercury returned to direct motion last Thursday and is now picking up speed. Life is gradually getting back to normal. Well, you ask, what is normal? Good question. There is no normal. In these modern times, we have to keep on our toes and be ready for anything.

The week begins with a strong emphasis on the healing energy of Pisces. The Moon and Mercury, which are both in Pisces, meet up with the compassionate energy of Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. Venus is in the mix too, so watch out for Cupid's arrow. Love and romance are in the air.

A jolt comes on Thursday when the Moon enters the action-sign of fiery Aries. Then on Friday, April 5, the Aries New Moon blasts us with power and energy. Jump on your surfboard and catch that big wave. The seeds of a new beginning will be planted. Soon buds will burgeon, birds will sing, bees will be busy with their nectar and honey. Spring is here!

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, April 1, 2019.


No one can cast aspersions on your good character. You've done all you can to honestly execute your duties. You work hard. Then, you work even harder. The Aries New Moon will put you into action mode. You are in the midst of a story that needs to have a particular outcome. More people than you realize have a high regard for you and all that you stand for. You have what it takes to finish the course. You can now take a bold step forward. You are no longer waiting for something to happen, you are going to make it happen.


Despite all the tension and pressure you have been facing, something is beginning to sort itself out. Your future will blossom like a lotus flower. Never lose faith in the existence of a benevolent and loving source. It will provide you with all the luck you need to circumnavigate the globe. Pay no attention to the carping, critical voice that undermined you in the past. This week's Aries New Moon will stir serendipity and usher you into a most auspicious chapter in your life.


This is a very significant time for you. Something is shifting. It's hard to put your finger on it but you know it's happening. No matter what is taking place, how ordinary it seems or how inconsequential, profound change is sweeping into your world. You've just emerged from a confusing period of time. You've been distracted from important issues that needed your concentration. This week the Aries New Moon will help you focus on what is appropriate and relevant. Solutions you need will turn up quickly and convincingly.


The Aries New Moon is introducing breath-taking change to your life. It's just what you need, and what you've been looking for. Should you push your luck and see how far you can go if you take a big chance? Your hunches do seem quite sensible and promising. There is good reason to trust a big step you are considering. Something up there in the sky likes you and thinks you deserve a sweet treat. Strong passions speak louder that strong cerebral arguments, so follow your heart and you'll be fine.


You've had your share of doom, gloom and boredom. For all your complexity and deep psychological insights, your heart wants to feel joy and happiness. There is more to life than order and normality. Enjoy everything that life throws at you from the sublime to the ridiculous. The Aries New Moon will pull back the curtains and allow the sunlight of spontaneity to flood in. Say goodbye to the stale and static. Accept this week's opportunity to turn a few things inside out and upside down.


As you broaden your understanding of a particular matter, you will be given a rare opportunity to free yourself from a burden that has been sapping your energy. The robust Aries New Moon will surprise you with the excitement and passion it will bring into your life. Your groans will turn into cries of joy as you notice the emergence of happiness. Be an artist, not a scientist. Be willing to be moved, inspired and touched by the mood of a moment. If something seems to be happening, go with it. The special magic of the stars is working on you.


There are times when it's necessary to smile and shout out a robust 'thank you' for all the good that's in your life. The Universe will echo back what you call out to it. Don't complain, even if you have something to complain about. That will only attract more trouble. If there's something you don't like, do something to change it. The Aries New Moon will make you feel the urge to make a move. Overcome the temptation to feel daunted by your current challenge. There is one certain way to attain success, as you will soon discover.


There's no real reason why you should turn away a remarkable opportunity now. Is a lack of confidence causing you to? You have your heart set on a prize of some kind. You can probably get it if you really want to. There is good reason to believe that your prayers will be answered. The Aries New Moon will fire up your willpower and get you networking and meeting interesting people. You're going to love putting together a plan of action that will have exciting implications. You have the talent and expertise to pull it off.


You're the first one to admit that you often end up living your life according to the expectations that others place on you, rather than following your own needs. The New Moon in Aries will stir up the independent spirit within you. No longer will you feel invisible. It's time to stand tall and make yourself known as a mover and a shaker. Work out your own requirements and make them a priority. If your head starts to spin and your emotions swirl, you'll know that you're doing the right thing. You'll soon be celebrating.


The past little while has been a tough time to make decisions and, indeed, you've been wise to avoid making them. It's been hard to get clarity, but somehow you managed to tune into your inner wisdom and get some solid guidance. The Aries New Moon this week will galvanize you into action. Don't get irritated and impatient. Rome wasn't built in a day as they say. The astrological shift that's kicking in this week will enable your intuition to come through loud and clear. Real reasons to celebrate will present themselves.


Congratulations. You're well on your way to controlling a negative thought pattern. You have found the key to introduce the change you are craving for. You'll look back and see that this time, now, is when a glorious new phase began. Success in this case depends on following your own heart. Feel free to look confidently ahead into the future. The New Aries Moon will help you engineer your future and make it the life you've always dreamed of having. Your life is headed in a highly positive direction.


Hard as it is to believe, after what you've been through, you are getting in synch with the Universe. The pressures of circumstances beyond your control are activating your drive to succeed. You're digging deep into your emotional and psychological resources. The Aries New Moon is going to make it easier for you to make a long overdue decision. You'll act with clarity and certainty – no dithering or prevarication. Once this gritty and determined energy kicks in, you'll find all you need, just when you need it.


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